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  (pws) (4)
  Air bags (1)
  Back over prevention: camera system (2)
  Brakes (pws) (3)
  Digital instrument panel (6)
  Electrical system (8)
  Electrical system: software (16)
  Electrical system:ignition (1)
  Engine (pws) (11)
  Engine and engine cooling (5)
  Engine and engine cooling:cooling system (5)
  Engine and engine cooling...catalytic convertor (1)
  Engine and engine cooling...gas recirculation valve (egr valve) (2)
  Engine and engine cooling...manifold/header/muffler/tail pipe (1)
  Equipment (8)
  Equipment adaptive (2)
  Equipment:air conditioner (3)
  Equipment:electrical (1)
  Equipment...navigational system(global positioning system) (1)
  Equipment...owners/service/other manual (2)
  Exterior lighting (1)
  Exterior lighting:brake lights (1)
  Exterior lighting:hazard flashing warning lights (1)
  Exterior lighting...switch (2)
  Exterior lighting:turn signal (1)
  Fuel system, gasoline...fuel pump (2)
  Fuel system, gasoline...fuel rail (2)
  Fuel system, gasoline...injectors (2)
  Fuel system, other (4)
  Fuel system, other...hoses, lines/piping, and fittings (1)
  Fuel system, other:fuel injection system (2)
  Fuel system, other...pressure relief devices (2)
  Latches/locks/linkages (1)
  Latches/locks/linkages...latch (1)
  Power train (6)
  Power train:automatic transmission (3)
  Power train...control module (tcm, pcm) (3)
  Power train:manual transmission (1)
  Power train...column shift assembly (1)
  Seats (1)
  Service brakes, air...abs warning light (1)
  Service brakes, hydraulic (2)
  Steering (7)
  Steering:electric power assist system (1)
  Steering:gear box (other than rack and pinion) (2)
  Structure (5)
  Structure...door (3)
  Structure...hinge and attachments (1)
  Structure:frame and members (1)
  Suspension...wheel bearing (1)
  Suspension...shock absorber (1)
  Vehicle speed control (1)
  Visibility:rearview mirrors/devices (1)
  Visibility...exterior (1)
  Visibility:windshield wiper/washer (1)
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AUDI Technical Service Bulletin ID:10320 - Vehicle Safety Technical Service Bulletin Information for AUDI A4

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