ATLAS G7814 Recall - Recall ID 19344

ATLAS G7814 Recall

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NHTSA Campaign Number: 71T005000 
Vehicle/Equipment Make: ATLAS 
Vehicle/Eqipment Model: G7814 
Model Year: n/a 
Mfg Campaign Number:  
Mfg Component Desc: TIRES 
Mfg Involved in Recall: UNIROYAL GOODRICH TIRE CO 
Manufacture Dates: 08-01-70 through 08-01-70 
Type of Report: (T) Tire 
Potential # of Units Affected: 964 
Date Owner Notified by Mfg: 04-19-71 
Recall Initiated By: MFR 
Mfg Responsible for Recall: ATLAS COPCO N.A., INC 
Report Recieved Date: 04-19-71 
Record Creation Date: 03-06-80 
Regulation Part Number: 571 
FMVSS Number: 109 
Defect Summary:  
Consequence Summary:  
Corrective Summary:  
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ATLAS G7814 Recall - Recall ID 19344 for ATLAS G7814 TIRES

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