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VOLVO VOLVO TRUCK in Taylorville IL.
new volvo 2015 bought in mid march 2016 SHAKES worst about 62MPR
2016 VOLVO VNL in Canton OH
2016 VNLT64T780 Truck has derated 5 times SCR System Fault message and have been to 5 different Volvo certified shops to repair for the same issue in the 7 months we've owned it. Shops replace some sensors and send us on our way. Uptime ce...
VOLVO VOLVO TRUCK in Jacksonville, TX
Had a similar situation with Volvo not so much in the truck problem but with Volvo. They never take responsibility for anything they always blame the problem on a vendor and could never fix out 2009 Volvo our problem was and is vibration of...
2003 VOLVO S60 in Ogden, Ut
Mr. Volvo, heres whats up. Could it be that your Bosche system which is the computer(ECM)which controls all makes and models of all foreign vehicles. Have the ability to read all ECm and any they come in contact be fowling out our ECM's tes...
VOLVO VOLVO TRUCK in new mexico
Have had our 2009 truck in 3 different shops,in 3 different states and they still have not fixed it. Meanwhile I am out over $30,000 in repair costs plus the lose of income. Have complained to Volvo and they told me to call the dealer I bou...
2000 VOLVO C70 in Los Angeles Ca
While driving my 2000 c70 all of a suddon the gas pedal stopped functioning it felt like it stalled, but the motor was still running i had to coast to the curb then then i turned it off , and then it wouldnt start it seemed like it had a de...
1999 VOLVO C70 CONVERTIBLE in 30041
3 wheels leaking air
1996 VOLVO 850 in Northern, New Jersey
We have the same exact problem, AC died THREE times in approximately 125,000 miles. Volvo's only remedy was to keep replaceing compressor, evaporator. We just stopped fixing, car now has 172,000 miles, strong running engine, there must be...
1993 VOLVO 850 in Chicago, IL
I am having the exact same problem with my 1993 850 glt. Just stalls out while driving. Any solutions to this yet???
1993 VOLVO 850 in Chicago, IL
I am having the exact same problem with my 1993 850 glt. Just stalls out while driving. Any solutions to this yet???
2004 VOLVO XC70 in 20816
After a short 2 minute drive, I heard something fall on the road. At first I thought it was something I drove over, but had second thoughts, so I turned back to check and found a black curved metal piece very sharp on the road. Took it to ...
VOLVO V70XC in vt
Junk, wont even climb out of the driveway
2004 VOLVO XC70 in York, PA
I the same exact thing happen pulling into a parking space as I was braking I noticed it was more difficult to stop because the engine was accelerating I put it into neutral and the engine revved as if I were putting the accelerator to the ...
1995 VOLVO 960
This is a common problewm with 1995 960s and other models. The fuel rail can be repaired but the best thing to do is replace it and the deals The original part is a stupid design with merely a stamped metal end so after time it's bound to ...
1995 VOLVO 960
Could be your ignition switch going out. Next time try turning it back toward the off position JUST A HAIR. I have to do this with mine, no windows, radio, etc until I turn it back a fraction - then the seat belt dings and everything works.
1993 VOLVO 240
was the cause of this problem determined?
1993 VOLVO 240
was the cause of this problem determined?
VOLVO S70 in redwood city ca
i own a volvo s70 sedan i am currently experiencing problems with the electronic throtttle system i will check with volvo to see if in favt my vehile vin number falls into the active recall
VOLVO XC90 in murrieta
Do not buy this car. I bought brand new from the Ontario dealer. I have had one problem after another. However I ONLY HAVE 1000 CHARACTERS HERE. Most were minor but annoying since my closest dealer is 1 1/2 hrs away and they don't offer ...
2000 VOLVO S70 in washington,d.c
2004 VOLVO S40 in annapolis
I have a 2002 volvo s40 the raditor smokeswhen im riding
2004 VOLVO V70XC
2004 VOLVO S40 in kansas city
I am experience same thing. Where you able to find solution?
2004 VOLVO S40 in kansas city
I am experience same thing. Where you able to find solution?
2004 VOLVO S40 in kansas city
I am experience same thing. Where you able to find solution?
2004 VOLVO S40 in kansas city
I am experience same thing. Where you able to find solution?
2004 VOLVO S40 in kansas city
I am experience same thing. Where you able to find solution?
2002 VOLVO S40 in Gainesville, FL
bought my 2002 S40 a week ago with 73k miles on it. Had it to mechanic for a once over and because it had a check engine light appear. Error had to do with Camshaft that was adjusted but still getting check engine light. Mechanic said it...
1999 VOLVO VN in philadelphia, pa
what can make the heat not work in this truck it blows cold air
2002 VOLVO XC70 in adair co. iowa
sounds typical, ours does the same thing. rear marker light probably loose in socket-access behind speaker . take your time these are a pain . a holder twists into a p.c. board w/ little room to get to. see if headlight adjusters have'nt co...
1997 VOLVO S90 in Staunton, VA
97 Volvo s90 makes noises while driving around 35mph and higher. Started making noise after having something else replaced. Four auto shops have not been able to pin point the source of the noise. It is making driving the car annoying and n...
2006 VOLVO S40
Have you resolved your problem? Every time we go over 2000 rpms the air conditioner stops cooling. If you stop the car for several minutes the air conditioner continues to work for a little while...Very frustrating
1995 VOLVO 960 in Wellington, CO
Suddenly in the last couple weeks my SRS light occassionally comes on when I start my car. not every time, but it has happened about 6 times so far. when the light is on, the wipers, radio, a/c and the fog lights don't work. one time the ...
2004 VOLVO C70 in Clearwater, FL
I've had my car now a few years I bought it used and have that problem brought it in a few times and they couldn't "recreate" it. Finally did and said needs to be rewired! I'm hoping the warranty will pay! And I HATE the dealership that ...
2000 VOLVO S80 in oregon
Crazy thing, i just bought your car yep, same vin # wow...Its in the shop as we speak for throttle body issues....The car fax came out clean so i was surprised that a fire happend? did the problem get fixed can i have more details?? thank y...
2001 VOLVO S40 in Jersey City, NJ
I just experienced the same brake issue - brakes seemed completely unresponsive; car continued to roll despite my exerting a lot pressure on brake pedal; pedal seemed to lack traction. No warning/failure lights are on. Weather is below 32...
2005 VOLVO V50 in Oilers69
I've had same problem. The key fob keeps falling off. Volvo replaced it once for free, but I've lost another and need a replacement.
2006 VOLVO S40
I live in Chicago and my car showing the same signs, what dealership did you go to? Did they cover the repairs? Was your car under warranty?
2001 VOLVO S40
My check engine light came on and I was looking for something regarding this issue, but stumbled upon your issue. I too have problems first in the mornings, it is as if my brakes don't work. It actually scares me because I have had times ...
2004 VOLVO S40 in Houston, TX
I have a 2006 S40 and have been experiencing electrical problems. All gauges flatlined, windows wouldn't work, could not turn off radio and message indicator stated brake failure and airbag failure and instructed me to stop driving. This ...
VOLVO 960 in London UK
Hi all, Super-basic question here… trying to change the rear wiper blade on my 960 estate - can't quite figure it out - sure it's very simple but can't seem to separate the wiper arm housing from the blade arm to extract the old blade - ...
2004 VOLVO XC90 in orlando,florida
I had I white smoke coming out of the muffler. I took the car for a check out for a fee of $100. After the diagnosis the service department couldn't figure out the problem but they suggested to have a deeper diagnosis for $486.00 just to fi...
2000 VOLVO V40 in Ann Arbor, MI
Same problem, haven't repaired it yet... this car is putting financial strain on me... Not good.
2000 VOLVO V40 in ny
yes, i have the same issue. my mechanic failed to see this 2 x and it wasn't until i went to sears to buy tires that they told me the springs were shot -
1998 VOLVO S70
I have exactly the same problem.. What should I do?
2007 VOLVO S40 in Camarillo, CA
The rear brakes on this vehicle caught on fire after a short drive (1 mile) having to be extinguished with a fire extinguisher. the rear brake assembly (left rear) completely failed and overheated to the point of causing flames to appear n...
2002 VOLVO S60 in Palm Harbor, FL
Fuel smell volvo s60 year 2002 nhtsa has a campaign number 07v152000 and volvo has campaign number r176
2004 VOLVO S60 in Tucson, AZ
Strong fuel odor emitting from passenger side of vehicle. observed gas stains covering outside of gas tank. returned to dealer and dealer replaced fuel pump. since then, no odors. however, auto continues to hesitate when driving. in on...
2004 VOLVO S80 in Oak Grove, IL
Tl contact owns a 2004 volvo s80. while making a sharp turn at an unknown speed, the power steering activated and made the vehicle difficult to turn. the dealer replaced the power steering rack. there had been no further occurrences sinc...
2002 VOLVO V70XC in Arlington, VA
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