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2003 VOLVO 700 in Los Angeles, CA
The "clear" plastic raw resin material modernly and contemporarily used in headlamp shields/doors/lenses is frequently of an inferior grade which progressively clouds over time and yields vehicles less visible to others and with very signif...
1998 VOLVO 700 in Ringwood, NJ
Was traveling 70mph in 1998, volvo, 1998 when left front wheel started to come off. had heard noises prior, and then noticed smoke. pulled to side of road , and saw flames coming from wheel area. extinguished the flames.
1998 VOLVO 700 in Reston, VA
Turbo return line unsealed and leaking oil. dealer wanted to replace entire turbo; shouldn't happen to a car, esp. a volvo, that's only three years old with 56k miles on it. dealer did a temporary fix but eventually will ahve to replace tur...
2000 VOLVO 700 in Lenexa, KS
While traveling at a speed of 60 mph the drivers side door glass suddenly and violently imploded completely into the cab of the vehicle. the entire window shattered and blew all to the inside of the cab. at no time did i see any road debri...
2000 VOLVO 700 in Bakersfield, CA
I was told by the dealer that the brake shoe was worn out because i was driving with the park brakes on.i have driven several new automobiles before and this one and this had never happened.if the brakes were on howcome only the right side ...
1998 VOLVO 700 in Corte Madera, CA
The rear brake rotors warped at 4000 miles and were replaced and new discs were installed. at 20000 miles the exact same problem happened again. the local dealer told me that volvo is replacing the rear braking system on a case by case ba...
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VOLVO Comments and Complaints ID:8642 - Vehicle Safety Comments and Complaints Information for VOLVO 700

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