1998 AUDI A6 User Comment / Complaint

1998 AUDI A6 User Comment / Complaint

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2013-05-31 03:52:01 china

i change a turbocharger, k03 model,the price is acceptable

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2006-07-03 Naperville, IL
98 a6 quattro, leaks oil, the car's been in the shop 4 times for this issue(in 2 years time frame), the lower pan gasket has been replaced twice as well as the oil cap. last time i had the audi service check it out i have been told they need to take the whole engine apart= huge bill. i see i am not the only one having the "hard to fix" oil leak.  view
2012-08-24 lowell ma
This is a very common problem with 98-99 a6. It's the valve cover gasket and/or camshaft seal. The valve cover gaskets are easy to replace but the camshaft seals are very difficult and require a lot of work( you pretty much have to take apart the top half of the motor). I have owned about 8 audis and almost all of them leaked oil. Unless it consumes a lot of oil in a short period of time your better off just checking the oil every week or so and topping it off because this is a VERY costly repair.  view
2013-05-31 china
i change a turbocharger, k03 model,the price is acceptable  view
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