2001 AUDI ALLROAD QUATTRO User Comment / Complaint

2001 AUDI ALLROAD QUATTRO User Comment / Complaint

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2012-07-25 11:13:13 MI

what finally happened

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2004-10-20 Orlando, FL
2001 audi a6 allroad has had a brake/throttle lag issue since it was purchased. the car can be extremely dangerous to drive. my wife was driving the allroad and she told me that she was almost hit by an oncoming vehicle when the car did not "go" as she expected it too, based on her throttle inputs. at another intersection she lifted her foot off of the gas, reapplied the gas and this time the car went so fast that she almost hit the car in front of her at the upcoming intersection. she told me that she was almost crying because "i did not tell her the car 'drove like that!'" the problems are: 1). aoa issued a technical service bulletin dated september 9th of 2004 on this isue., not a recall. 2) i complained for over 1 year about this problem to the dealer before the ecu was replaced on may 15th of 2004. (i have copies of letters sent to audi) 3) the new control unit put in the car in may of 2004 does not work correctly either, by reasonable specifications, or else my wife would not have had this problem. 4) a "judder happens when turing slowly and giving the car gas, too. this may be the reason that the vehicle has had to have seals replaced in the motor and transmission, too, from the electrical miscommunications between the ecu and the transmission. 5) this is an extremely dangerous problem and needs to be figured out by aoa as well as under a national recall campaign. 6) audi told me today that the car is "performing to specs," which is a lie. this car has been to the dealership over 100 documented times, but aoa just says, "we are sure the car can be reapaired under your new car/certified used car warranty, thank you!"  view
2012-07-25 MI
what finally happened  view
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