1994 REXHALL CONCORD User Comment / Complaint

1994 REXHALL CONCORD User Comment / Complaint

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1998-02-05 00:00:00 Clinton, NY

Hood latch failed.

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1998-02-05 Clinton, NY
Hood latch failed.  view
2007-09-13 Scottsboro, AL
Dash started cracking in 2006. now have 3 cracks that are starting to join together. from pictures i've seen i will be having big holes in my dash within a year. this is causing electrical problem.  view
2007-09-13 Indianappolis, IN
Tl contact owns a 2000 ford f-150. on august 30, 2007, while driving 50-55 mph, the contact rear ended the preceding vehicle. the vehicle he struck then rear ended another vehicle. he stated that none of the air bags deployed. the vehicle sustained damage to the bumper, which punctured the front driver side tire. a police report was filed. the current mileage was 123,000 and failure mileage was 122,222.  view
2007-09-13 Kenmore, NY
Falure of charcoal emmision cannister in my 2003 toyota corolla. this is the second time in 4 years that this part has failed. it is my understanding that many other owners of this year vehicle have experienced similar problems. i believe a recall is in order.  view
2007-09-24 Moberly, MO
Tl contact owns a 2001 chevrolet blazer. the contact stated that the brake lights would not illuminate. as of september 24, 2007, the dealer had not inspected the vehicle. the manufacturer stated that his vin was excluded from nhtsa campaign id number 01v364000 (exterior lighting:brake lights:switch). the current and failure mileages were 76,000.  view
2007-09-21 Denver, PA
Vehicle completely stopped in a line of traffic. while waiting to move on, with my foot on the brake,the engine all of a sudden roared and the vehicle shot forward and hit the vehicle (approximately 5 to 7 feet) in front of my vehicle. the air bags did not open and the hit to the other vehicle was more like a punch. i tried to stop my forward thrust but the brakes would not hold the vehicle. upon striking the other vehicle the engine roar stopped and everything seemingly returned to normal. minor damage was done to both vehicles and no one was reportedly injured. the police were called to the scene and an accident report was filed. my toyota dealer was called for assistance and advised me that they never had such an experience reported but suggested i bring the vehicle in for service.  view
2007-09-21 Gretna, LA
Vehicle has repeatedly starting running poorly and has a lack of power along with a misfire. vehicle is then hard to accelerate and slows down flow of traffic. each time the distributor cap and rotor have been found with excessive amount of corrosion on them and when the cap & rotor are replaced the problem goes away for a while. the cap & rotor were changed 3 times each before 50,000 miles.  view
2007-09-21 Bucrus, OH
Tl contact owns a 2007 ford focus. the vehicle was involved in a crash and after it was repaired, the passenger side air bag light illuminated intermittently. she returned to the dealer twice in one week and they repaired the air bag sensor three times. the contact stated that the light would dim for two days, but then illuminate again. she believed that this was a safety hazard and the dealer advised her not to drive the vehicle until it was repaired. the failure mileage was 8,300 and current mileage was 8,900.  view
2007-09-21 Santa Rosa, CA
Tl contact owns a 2005 gmc yukon. the vehicle has a steering wheel cover manufactured by bell. the contact stated that the steering wheel cover was emitting toxic fumes when the passenger compartment was warm. the fumes caused him to become nauseous. the serial and part numbers were unknown.  view
2007-09-04 Pasadena, CA
Tl contact owns a 2000 volvo s80. while driving 5 mph, the left ball joint assembly detached and caused the front axle to fail. the contact stated that the left front wheel collapsed. the vehicle was towed to the local mechanic and was sold to him. the current and failure mileages were 73,000. updated 09/18/07.  view
2007-09-24 Roswell, GA
A store in the metro atlanta area is selling seats that are not from the us to unsuspecting parents. they have a no refunds policy and are saying the seats pass ece r44/03 not fmvs 213, which is misleading to parents. they have admitted the seats are imported but not from where.  view
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