1986 MERKUR MERKUR User Comment / Complaint

1986 MERKUR MERKUR User Comment / Complaint

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1998-02-05 00:00:00 Martinez, CA

Solenoid failed.

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1998-02-05 Martinez, CA
Solenoid failed.  view
2007-08-23 Vidalia, LA
The vehicle was parked. went back to vehicle cranked it up, and would not go into reverse or drive. the shifter would move but tranny did nothing like it was in neutral. tranny worked fine before it was parked.  view
2007-08-24 Denver, CO
Tl contact owns a 1999 dodge durango. while driving between 10-20 mph, the vehicle stalled and the power steering and brakes failed. the vehicle was able to be restarted after two attempts. the road conditions were wet. the vehicle has not been inspected by a dealer. the failure mileage was 59,000 and current mileage was 59,700.  view
2007-08-24 Centralia, IL
Tl contact owns a 2006 chevrolet equinox. while driving 35 mph on an 18 mile trip, the contact noticed that the vehicle consumed one gallon of fuel per 14 miles. the dealer was unable to find any failure. the vin and engine size were unknown. the current mileage was 7,000 and failure mileage was 100.  view
2007-08-24 Elmont, MI
Tl contact owns a 2005 ford e150. while the vehicle was parked, the contact placed the gear in reverse but the vehicle failed to move. the vehicle then began making a loud noise and was towed to the dealer. the dealer diagnosed the vehicle as needing a new transmission. the vehicle was purchased in july of 2005. the current and failure mileages were 28,000.  view
2007-08-24 Gilbertsville, PA
On 21 august 2007 my 2003 buck rendezvous cxl awd with app 60,050 miles suffered a complete engine failure due to what my mechanic believes is a failure of the wrist pin in the left most front cylinder. the car was well maintained for receiving regularly spaced oil changes. per my mechanic's opinion failure of this part is not an indication of excessive wear or tear or lack of vehicle care. the consequence of the failure of this wrist pin is the destruction of the entire engine. per my mechanic's opinion there is no way to salvage an engine that has suffered this type of incident. the correction of this incident will involve the replacement of the entire engine.  view
2007-08-24 Macon, NC
There is a rattle in the front, the dealer's mechanic said it is the steering shaft. this is the third time it has happened. the first time it was under warranty, this time the service manager said it would cost 150-200 dallars to repair or grease. he also said chevrolet had corrected the problem, but would not replace mine.  view
2007-08-24 Schertz, TX
Tl contact owns a 2007 lexus gs350. while parked, the vehicle suddenly accelerated and crashed into a brick wall, without any pressure to the accelerator pedal. the dealer was unable to determine the cause of failure. the current mileage was 4,000 and failure mileage was 200.  view
2007-08-06 Lee's Summit, MO
Tl contact owns a 2001 lincoln ls. while driving 45 mph, the driver side front wheel fell on its side without warning. the contact was able to pull to the side of the road. the vehicle was towed to a service shop where it was determined that the ball joint bolts sheered off. recall number 00v359001 (suspension:front:control arm:lower ball joint) was found, but the vehicle is not included. the vehicle has not been repaired. the current and failure mileages were 76,188. the consumer stated the repair was performed on 08/08/07 and provided the repair invoices. the dealer stated the air bag light was on . updated 08/22/07  view
2007-08-28 North Wales, PA
Three weeks ago, i purchased a new 2007 nissan versa. since making the purchase, i have had periodic problems with starting the vehicle. when i turn the key, the vehicle frequently cranks for 5+ seconds. sometimes the vehicle will then start, and sometimes it will just die. this does not happen every time that i start the vehicle, and i have not been able to detect any pattern to help indicate when this will happen. i have taken the vehicle back to the dealership twice for service so far, and they have not been able to solve or even identify the problem. i searched the internet and found various accounts of other versa owners detailing similar experiences.  view
2007-08-24 Fontana, CA
Tl contact owns a 2007 saturn ion. the contact stated that when he removed his hands from the steering wheel, the vehicle pulled to the left. the failure occurs while driving between 2-60 mph. the dealer aligned the steering wheel but, after the repair was made, the vehicle began pulling to the right. the failure mileage was 17 and current mileage was 2,058.  view
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