1995 KAWASAKI VULCAN 1500 User Comment / Complaint

1995 KAWASAKI VULCAN 1500 User Comment / Complaint

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1998-02-05 00:00:00 East Auror, NY

Motorcycle side stand design is defective, when handle bar is turned to the right it is extremely unstable and falls. the motorcycle fell and caused damage to the gas tank, exhaust pipes and handlebar grip.

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1998-02-05 East Auror, NY
Motorcycle side stand design is defective, when handle bar is turned to the right it is extremely unstable and falls. the motorcycle fell and caused damage to the gas tank, exhaust pipes and handlebar grip.  view
2007-06-29 Ratcliff, AR
Tl contact owns a 2001 gmc yukon. the contact stated that the tires are replacement equipment. in 2004, she purchased four brand new tires when the vehicle was at 50,000 miles. when the tires reached 25,000 miles, each of them failed one by one and had to be replaced. the tires had a hole in them and the radial cord separated in one spot. she again purchased four new tires of the same brand and on june 19, 2007, one of the tires failed and had to be replaced. the tires are continental sport lt/suv, p26/70r16. the correct tire size was unavailable in the drop down menu at the time of this complaint. the vin, engine size, and purchase date were unknown. the current and failure mileages were 75,000.  view
2007-07-05 Oklahoma City, OK
While driving 2001 passat 1.8 turbo on interstate when stopping engine light came on. turned car off, and had it towed to dealer, who informed me that there was a substantial sludge problem, and engine will need to be torn down and rebuilt. purchased car in march 2005 ,and had oil changed by dealer, who never informed me of letter issued by volkswagen, modifying information in owners manual about decreasing time between oil changes and type of oil to use.  view
2007-04-24 South Field, MI
Tl* the contact owns a 2000 mercury sable. the vehicle had the same failures as mentioned in the recall regarding 2000 mercury sables. the only difference was that the rear coil spring failed and punctured the tire while driving at 35 mph. an unusual noise was heard before the tire was punctured. ford stated that nothing could be done because the recall applied only to the front coil springs. the service dealer replaced the failed springs with ones from the manufacturer, and stated that the noise was due to the muffler baffle. also, the dealer mentioned that ford was in the process of developing a different type of spring that has not yet been released. the current mileage is 39,798 , and failure mileage was 39,700. the consumer stated that the vehicle was taken to another dealer who then replaced the struts and that solved the problem. updated 06/09/07  view
2007-06-11 Levittown, PA
Tl contact owns a 2002 ford explorer. when attempting to shift into reverse, the gear shift broke inside the steering column. the contact stated that the gear shift has always been difficult to move from the park position. the dealer stated that the gear shifter was sheered off the steering column. the steering column was replaced. the contact stated that she also has trouble inserting the key into the ignition. the dealer has not inspected the vehicle for the ignition failure. the current and failure mileages were 66,000.  view
2007-06-11 Flora Vista, FL
Tl contact owns a 2003 gmc truck. the contact heard a clicking noise coming from the left side of the vehicle. the sound is similar to that of a shock that has failed. the failure occurred one year after the vehicle was purchased. the rack and pinion has been replaced five times. the bearings and shocks have also been replaced. over one year later, the failure has recurred. the dealer has made nine unsuccessful attempts to diagnose the cause of failure. gm stated that the failure could be related to the steering gears and advised the dealer to replace them instead of looping the gears. the manufacturer also authorized the dealer to replace the shock and spring mounts. there was an attempt to repair the bearing gear inside the rack and pinion, but the failure continued. the vin and fuel system were unavailable. the contact has copies of the related invoices. the current mileage is 33,000 and failure mileage was 12,000.  view
2007-05-29 Webster, NY
While making a low speed sharp left turn, my power steering suddenly stopped working. i was able to avoid hitting anything. diagnosis at the dealer was that the shaft on the power steering pump had snapped. while looking around on the internet to see if others had this problem, i discovered nhtsa campaign id 05v005000 issued in january 2005 which appears to describe my exact problem. i had been informed of several recalls by chevrolet for other problems but had not received any notice of this particular issue and was unaware of the potential danger. the dealer indicated that the vin number of my suburban was not on the list of affected vehicles. i contacted general motors customer care (case #71-523372221) and they verified that my vin number was not part of the population of suburban covered by this action. this is a dangerous matter. if my wife had been driving or if i had been trying to avoid something in the road at high speed, there would have been an accident. i do not know if i just happened to receive an isolated defective pump or if the population of defective suburban is larger than chevrolet currently acknowledges. the pump was replaced.  view
2007-04-25 Attleboro, MA
Tl contact owns a 2007 toyota camry. while driving 30 mph the transmission engaged and accelerated without warning. the failure mileage was 100. when changing lanes the vehicle slowed down and attempted to shut off. the manufacturer was aware of the failure. however, they were unable to diagnose it. the current mileage was 9,000. the consumer stated that the vehicle has since been fixed by the dealership. updated 06/08/07  view
2007-06-01 San Bruno, CA
Exiting on off-ramp... accelerator stuck... when i removed foot from brake car accelerated as the wheels were turned... almost went into spin... turned wheels in opposite direction as brakes were applied... after spin was under control... brakes were released then accelerator kicked in and vehicle sped up while wheels were turned and collided with wall on the other side of the vehicle...  view
2007-06-01 New Bern, NC
On busy interstate highway at highway speed, engine suddenly quit with no warning. subsequent investigation by mechanic revealed failure of electric fuel pump in fuel tank. removed and replaced electric fuel pump.  view
2007-06-01 N. Charleston, SC
This case involves an engine fire to a 2005 ford escape that was being operated under normal conditions in urban driving in the greater atlanta, ga area. smoke was seen coming from the front part of the vehicle. the front seat passenger was burned after opening the glove box to investigate the smoke. the vehicle was almost totally consumed by the fire.  view
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