1996 FERRARI F355 User Comment / Complaint

1996 FERRARI F355 User Comment / Complaint

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1997-03-25 00:00:00 Los Angeles, CA

Power steering leak.

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1997-03-25 Los Angeles, CA
Power steering leak.  view
2006-08-22 Weston, FL
Russo trucking, corp. owns two volvo trucks with major steering and front axle problems, which volvo trucks of north america and the dealer nextran truck center at pompano beach, fl seems that can't fix, we have taken our trucks to try to fix the problem to several places, and nobody has been able to fix it, we are afraid that our volvo trucks can cause an accident. i will mention some of the shops where we have taken our trucks: ml tire in miami, volvo in pompano beach, fl, josan in orlando, fl, volvo dealer in nc, volvo dealer in knoxville, tn, volvo dealer in arkansas, volvo dealer in chattanooga, tn, volvo dealer in ct. etc.  view
2006-08-22 Massapequa Park, NY
Dt*: the contact stated at various speeds the vehicle stalled without warning. the vehicle did not restart and was towed to the dealership who replaced the distributor cap and rotor three times, but the problem persisted.  view
2006-08-22 Algonquin, IL
Dt*: the contact stated the vehicle was taken to the dealership to make repairs according to recall letter # 05v388000. the dealership did not have the replacement part and only disconnected the speed control. after three months the replacement part arrived. the part was installed but failed after driving 55 mph miles on normal road conditions. the vehicle was returned to the dealership.  view
2006-08-22 Bullhead City, AZ
Dt*: the contact stated while driving 45 mph on normal road conditions, the driver side back triangle window blew out including the frame. the vehicle driving behind maneuvered to avoid being hit by the flying window. the vehicle was taken to the dealership who replaced the missing window.  view
2006-08-22 San Marcos, CA
No prior warning. car died in middle of freeway. unknown or unable to duplicate problem.  view
2006-08-22 Niagara Falls, NY
From a parking spot i was pulling forward and to the right. after about three feet the right front tire of the vehicle separated from the lower control arm. i stopped the vehicle in place and called for a tow truck. i believe this incident is related to nhtsa campaign number: 06v288000 involving jeep liberties of my year, make and model. pictures are available upon request.  view
2006-08-22 Birmingham, AL
These are excerpts from the letter that i sent to yamaha on jan 15th, 2006: the valves began sticking on the engine, resulting in severe power loss and making the bike difficult and dangerous to drive. i transported the bike back to sylacauga on nov 15th, and explained to the service manager the symptoms. i also told him that based on what i had experienced, that i was fairly certain that it was the exhaust valves that were sticking┬┐Ž.. he said that they would take a look at the bike. on december 13th, 29 days later, he called to say that the bike was ready. he claimed that my ignition module was faulty, and had burned out my fuel pump. he replaced the fuel pump and the ignition module with a speedstar unit, and charged me nothing. he also replaced the spark plugs, claiming that they were the wrong ones. this cured none of the symptoms that i was experiencing. after riding the bike for several days, and having it stall, backfire, and unable to pull a hill, i again took it back. i left it on december 20th. i again told the service manager that i was reasonably certain that the exhaust valves were sticking. i picked up the bike again on january 7th. the service manager claimed that they had ┬┐┐cured┬┐Ł the problems by richening the mixture on the carburetor. he also stated that they had ridden it several times, and that it was running fine. when i got home, i unloaded the bike, and tried to crank it. it was extremely rich, and black smoke belched from the exhaust. however, i reasoned, i will let it warm up, go for a ride and see if they indeed fixed the problem with these simple adjustments. it ran ok for a couple of miles, then a valve stuck again, with the associated backfiring, bucking, and lack of power. i barely got the bike home, running at 45 mph, on what felt like one cylinder. so, after 48 days in the shop, i still did not have a safe, performing motorcycle. i decided to fix the bike, even though it is still under warranty.  view
2006-08-22 Stow, OH
I was traveling at 25-30 mph heard a heavy clunking noise, felt the steering wheel lose control of the wheels and pulled over almost immediately and called a tow truck. we replaced the coil springs on both front wheels.  view
2006-08-22 Sumiton, AL
1999 dodge grand caravan,3.3 liter engine, started out about once a year the serpentine belt would slip off and have to be reinstalled. then started every 6 months, usually during wet weather, came off with my wife, she would lose steering almost causing a wreck. i would have to leave work and go where ever she was and put belt back on. finally noticed the tensioner pulley leaning to the left allowing belt to slip off. replaced pulley thinking problem solved, but once again belt would slip off during a rain and wipers on. very dangerous situation for my wife again, no steering. tried a better quality belt, same thing, belt would slip off during rain. 2 weeks ago it slipped off with my wife on major freeway in birmingham, al , i had to go about 50 miles and put belt back on with traffic speeding by and all during a rain storm of course. yesterday i drove the van to my job and on the way home ran into a rain storm and guess what, it came off again, luckily on the street i live on. i've read about thousands of people with same problem with this type of van. i've owned the van since the beginning, loved it except for this problem, even bought a new 05 grand caravan because they are good vans. i just wish dodge would admit the 99 and similar years had a recall issue on this serpentine belt. or why can't they tell us, the owners how to fix this problem?  view
2006-08-23 Fairfield, CA
The fuel is leaking at the injectors on my 1993 concorde and there is a recall id # 98v184000 and i want to know why fairfield chrysler won't honor this. don't they know that the car could catch on fire i could lose my family.  view
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