1984 RENAULT ENCORE User Comment / Complaint

1984 RENAULT ENCORE User Comment / Complaint

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1995-10-05 00:00:00 Winslow, ME

Heater core failed after recall repair. (88v-087)

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1995-10-05 Winslow, ME
Heater core failed after recall repair. (88v-087)  view
2005-11-23 Montaque, NJ
Dt: contact stated the engine failed while driving the vehicle. he contacted the dealer, and they claimed it happened due to the contact's error on oil changes. the transmission failed as well. there were no prior warnings concerning the failures. the vehicle was serviced on a regular basis. the contact provided documentation for oil changes. the transmission was replaced under warrant. however, the engine will not be repaired due to the excessive expense.  view
2005-11-23 Robbinsville, NC
Dt: the contact stated chevrolet silverado 2500 duramax experienced loss of power while driving. when the problem first began he reported popping and backfiring to dealership. the truck has been to the dealer four times for an extended amount of time on each examination. the dealer experienced the problem first hand. the dealer replaced the fuel filter and the fuel rails. the vehicle was still experiencing power loss. the manufacturer has been contacted six times. they requested another diagnostic test be done on the truck.  view
2005-11-23 Ukiah, CA
Dt: the contact states there is nhtsa recall campaign 05v460000 concerning automatic transmission. the parts needed to repair the vehicle are not available at their local dealership. he spoke to their manufacturer, who confirmed that the parts were not available at this time.  view
2005-11-23 Glenolden, PA
Dt: the contact states there is a nhtsa recall campaign 05v460000 concerning the automatic transmission. this vehicle is experiencing the same problems as indicated in the recall, but is not included in the recall due to vin. the contact repaired the vehicle at his own expense.  view
2005-11-29 Malden, MA
On 10/24/02, i had to replace the upper and lower ball joints on the driver and passenger side of my 1999 dodge durango because i failed the state inspection and was told by the dealer that my truck was unsafe to drive. there was 46382 miles on the odometer in the vehicle at that time. my truck failed the state inspection on 11/29/05 because the upper and lower ball joints on the driver and passenger side of the durango need to be replaced again! i now have 71508 miles on my odometer. that means i have driven only 25126 miles since the ball joints were replaced and now have to replace them again. apparently this is a very common problem with durango's and is a major safety issue. i see that dodge is recalling all vehicles from 2000 onwards. why are they not being forced to recall the vehicles prior to 2000. there can be many serious consequences if the suspension fails whilst driving the vehicle. are you all waiting for people to die before you act?  view
2005-11-30 Venice, FL
I own a 2001 volvo s-80. there is a dangerous problem with this car . it involves the electronic throttle module (etm). the car at times will not move even though the engine is running and the car is in gear. it just will not move. particularly when trying to move into traffic. i am aware through my reading of the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of vehicles with the same problem. volvo knows about this but to date has done nothing to correct it. i also know that nhtsa is investigations the problem and i wanted to list my name with you for a complaint on this.  view
2005-11-30 Macomb, MI
Abs activated at normal stop at very slow speed. continued at every touch of the brake for nearly 2 miles, even when barely touching the brake. difficult to stop the vehicle. not occurred since. pontiac dealer can find no problem, no code, however i'm concerned will happen again.  view
2005-11-30 Memphis, TN
Dt: the contact was pulling into a parking space. the foot was on the brakes, the engine revved, and vehicle lurched forward, crashing into a parked vehicle. the vehicle sustained minor damage. there were no injuries. a police report was taken. she took the car to a certified dealer for inspection, and they could not duplicate the problem. no repairs were made.  view
2005-11-30 Westfield, MA
Dt: the contact stated the vehicle burned oil excessively. he had to add a quart of oil every 750 miles. took the vehicle to the dealership multiple times. the dealership replaced the piston rings on april 4, 2005. after the piston ring replacement there was a reduction in oil consumption. t two service bulletins 1358091 and 1396266. the bulletins stated oil should only have to be added after every 2,000 miles. the vehicle is still under warranty. the contact specifically found many complaints on the same type of vehicle.  view
2005-11-29 Lake Placid, NY
Dt: the contact had nhtsa recall campaign id # 05v379000 concerning anti lock brakes. recall repairs were performed. however, the repairs have not corrected the problem. at low speed the vehicle stopped, and there was a howling noise from the brakes. the abs light illuminated. he returned to the dealer that performed the recall repairs, and the mechanic was unable to diagnose the problem.  view
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