1996 KAWASAKI VULCAN 1500 User Comment / Complaint

1996 KAWASAKI VULCAN 1500 User Comment / Complaint

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1995-10-04 00:00:00 Holly Hill, FL

When you let the handles go the motorcycle went to the side. please describe.

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1995-10-04 Holly Hill, FL
When you let the handles go the motorcycle went to the side. please describe.  view
2005-10-05 Abingdon, MD
Consumer request chrysler contact quadriplegic customers & companies that modify vans re air conditioner lubrication defect, wants reimbursement for his 2003 dodge caravan ex. the consumer received a recall in re to a/c lubrication problem. it also stated that the manufacturer was extending the warranty to 70000 miles. the consumer decided to wait to have the a/c repaired. while the consumer was on the highway he decided to turn on the a/c. when he did the compressor licked up and ripped off the serpentine belt which resulted in loss of power steering, brakes, alternator and brakes, engine cooling system. the vehicle was toed to a service station where they replaced the belt. the manufacturer refused to reimburse the consumer for towing because the vehicle was towed to a chrysler dealership. secondly they refused to replace any of the components which were damaged s a result of the a/c failure not repaired by a chrysler. (the vehicle was modified by braun corporation).  view
2005-10-04 Skokie, IL
I have a 2003 mitsubishi lance oz rally, car has 32,000 miles on it, i purchased it used. i have had a problem where sometimes i would smell burning odor from the vents. i think car runs very ruff and im not sure what it is.. i believe it's the transmission from reading all the post on here.. and also the shifting is rough. i will be taking it to a dealer soon.. hopefully they wont give me the run around and fix the problem right away.. thanks!  view
2005-10-05 Cincinnati, OH
With out prior warning, both rear coil springs broke. i had the coil springs replaced at the ford dealership. also as a result, after getting new tires (unrelated to the problem with the coil springs), there was something else broken in the back end which will not allow a tire alignment. this has not yet been repaired.  view
2005-11-11 Contoocook, NH
On march 16, 04, a part to correct the steering on my 2000 ford taurus was replaced. in october 05, the same part needed to be replaced. i was told the parts are only under warranty for 12 months. the steering wheel was almost impossible to turn. i have paid to have this part replaced.  view
2005-11-16 Sandusky, OH
Consumer right rear coil spring broke cutting into tire. (11/16/05) the brakes were grinding and there was a clunking noise in the rear since the coil springs were replaced.  view
2005-10-05 Washington, DC
Heater core (and possible effect on transmission issues) going up before its time (and this known to be a problem on the diamantes for over 3 years of the model) and causing antifreeze fumes and smoke to fill my car for months unnoticed exposing my family and self to nauseousness, headaches, not to mention expense of repair on a relatively new vehicle.  view
2005-11-16 Sandusky, OH
Consumer right rear coil spring broke cutting into tire. (11/16/05) the brakes were grinding and there was a clunking noise in the rear since the coil springs were replaced.  view
2006-11-01 Ruston, LA
In the year of 2001-2002 was the first time that my door handle on the driver side of my 1998 dodge avenger broke. i went to a dodge mechanic shop and they fixed it. in the year of 2003 the passenger door handle broke off and later on in 2004 the driver side of the door handle broke again. i got someone to fix it. it is now 2006 and my driver side of my door handle has broken off again and the passenger door handle will not open the door from the outside. this has caused me to be locked out of my car multiple times. i don't understand why the handles keep breaking off. there has to be a defect because they are easily broken.  view
2005-10-04 Timonium, MD
I own a ford explorer 2003 v6 truck i have had ford vehicles for the last 15 years. my issue is with ford service and the trucks transmission. i was in the service bay on august 17 for routine recall stuff and added some basic services to my visit. oil change, flush and transmission fluid change/check was in order. $500 later i am out the door. 25 days after the initial visit i am back at ford with concerns about my transmission. it seems to be whining and revving high while changing into 2nd and or 5th gear. the fluid all over my driveway certainly didn't give me a comfortable feeling. ford service confirmed a problem but could not diagnose it unless they tore it apart. i was instructed to make an appointment at the end of the month because the trans mechanic would be on vacation through end of month. i made an appointment for my truck to "once again" visit the ford service for an overnight visit. on september 29th. dropped it off and never got a call for three days. on october 3 end of business day, i called. they seemed to have forgotten my vehicle and would work on it the next day. tuesday i get a call in the mid morning stating that i need a new transmission or a rebuilt one . pricing ranges from $2600 to $3400. they couldn't tell my why or any more specifics on how an engine with 47k needs a new transmission. especially since it was recently in the shop for routine transmission maintenance less than 30 days prior to the incident. to whom it may concern...i have had many fords for the past 20 years and i have never seen a transmission go up under 50k miles. whether the service guys didn't tighten up something right or ford has an inferior product; i feel that i should not be held responsible for this issue. please advise.  view
2005-10-05 Bellbrook, OH
I backed my 1996 ford taurus out of the garage after a couple of weeks sitting and the right front spring broke and punctured the right tire. there was no sagging of the car or warning that the spring was about to break. i towed the car to the dealer and both front springs were fixed.  view
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