1990 DAIHATSU CHARADE User Comment / Complaint

1990 DAIHATSU CHARADE User Comment / Complaint

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1995-09-18 00:00:00 Claremonte, OK

Vehicle involved in head on collision, seat belt did not keep passenger in place.

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1995-09-18 Claremonte, OK
Vehicle involved in head on collision, seat belt did not keep passenger in place.  view
2005-06-17 Wenatchee, WA
Dt: loose bolts all over the motorcycle not from the dealership, but from factory. also, front disc brake junction box fell off/ casing motor bolts were loose, and tail light was about to fall off. this motorcycle is a couple of months old and has about 1,000 miles on it. consumer owned three roadstars, however, this one has quality control problems. the day after the motorcycle was purchased driver heard clanking noises. routing of clutch cable was rubbing against windshield and chewing up the cable. in addition, lower routing, the retaining clips, were put on upside down and were falling off. indicators lights filled up full of water in the rain and after washing. side casing were not mounted correctly. however, 2001-2002 motorcycles were fine, and the 2005 models were crooked and did match up. the road star 1700cc is the model.  view
2005-05-06 Erie, PA
Dc: his brakes do not work correctly. when you stop the abs system kicks in, the pedal jerks back and forth. the vehicle does not want to stop correctly.  view
2005-06-17 Hurley, NY
Dt: consumer heard a grinding noise which sounded like metal to metal. the consumer made an appointment with the dealer, but the dealer was not able to get the consumers vehicle in for inspection. consumer took vehicle to jims mufflers to get the brakes fixed. the mechanic took off all four tires and showed the consumer that he needed to replace front and back rotors and pads. the mechanic the cleaned calipers. the consumer spent about $500.00 for repairs. when the dealer looked at the brakes he stated that they looked as if they had sat in water. consumer claimed that vehicle had not been in water. the mechanic stated that maybe the rotors or calipers were contaminated because brakes should not have looked that bad for the miles on the vehicle. the mechanic determined calipers may not have been working properly since the rotors were so rusty.  view
2005-06-17 St.croix, VI
Vehicle was driven, and parked at the place of business for approximately 40 min., when a passerby came into the place of business and reported a vehicle on fire. on investigation, it was determined that the vehicle was mine- a 2001 ford f-150 pickup truck. the fire was in the engine compartment around the master cylinder and surrounding areas. the wheel well area was damaged; the master cyliner resevoir was absent; and the fire damage occured to the interior portion of the compartment including the firewall. the insureance company was notified, the local ford dealer was also asked about recalls of that vehicle due to the damage, and the local consumer agency was notified. i have never been notified of any such recall, or any such possible occurence of damage to similar vehicles of thks nature. currently, the vehicle is under inspection by the insurance company and is expected to be towed from my residence to the local ford dealer. the lein holder of the vehilcle is first bank.  view
2005-05-06 Hanson, MA
2003 mercury grand marquis experiencing problems with the braking system. the consumer's foot would make contact with the brake and the accelerator pedal at the same time. the bake and the accelerator pedals are less than 3 inches apart. the consumer experienced a minor parking accident due to this problem.  view
2005-04-05 Spalding, MI
The air bag light illuminated while driving at 55 mph. vehicle was taken to the dealer. diagnostic test showed that the passenger's air bag was defective, and the problem was not covered under a recall.  view
2005-04-05 Malibu, CA
Vehicle experienced sudden stalling while on the road. took vehicle to dealer for check up, and results showed that the vehicle needed to be replaced with a new transmission.  view
2005-05-03 Detroit, MI
Contact states: poor brake performance on 1999 chevrolet, tahoe. the anti lock brake system wasn't working .  view
2005-06-17 Los Angeles, CA
My new remington brand tire (on my mazda mx-6), bought less than one month ago, ripped twice in the sidewall after i dropped into a pothole last night. i wrote it off to bad luck. however, when at the tire place, not one but two other customers said they had a similar problem with their tires, that the sidewall of a relatively new tire seemed rather weak, and gave way under seemingly general circumstances. i realize you may not take action on this letter, and i understand. however, if you see a pattern or receive more complaints, i would hope that you consider further investigation.  view
2005-04-05 Pevely, MO
I was driving my new ford f150 ,3 weeks old, up the highway 70 mph with cruise control on. suddenly the air bag depolyed, buring my right ear lobb. i then pulled over to the side of the highway ,with out any incedent, when i got out i noticed that the driveshaft fell out of the transmission. the transmission was shattered like an egg shell. the mechanics at the dealership pointed out that one c-clip was either never put in the front u-joint. they did not know why the ait bag should have gone off.they then tried to tell my my insurence should fix it. there is no body damage not even a piece of dirt missing. then they said they would fix it. wwhen i went up to sign work release the said they want to send the truck back to the factory. but theynever did this. i then told them i do not want it back they can just keep it. under the lemon law. it was alrready in the shop for over 30 days. they had there legal dept. call me and tell that it is not a lemon and i must keep this truck. i did not argue. but then out of the blue they agian saying i could come up there and pick out 1 of 2 2005 f150 that were more expensive and did not have options mine had. i would have to pay the cash difference up front to pick 1 up. i did not have that kind of cash so i stuck to my word that i dont want a nother ford truck.after this time no one else would discuss the matter with me they just hang up. now they sent a letter to say they selling my truck to pay for legal fees and repiars. please help me to deciced what action i shouldi take . ps i did not go to the hospital so layer do not want to help.  view
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