1995 KAWASAKI VULCAN 1500 User Comment / Complaint

1995 KAWASAKI VULCAN 1500 User Comment / Complaint

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1996-04-29 00:00:00 Philadelphia, PA

Kick stand on motor cycle will not hold motor cycle, when wheel was turn on angle motorcycle fell over.

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1996-04-29 Philadelphia, PA
Kick stand on motor cycle will not hold motor cycle, when wheel was turn on angle motorcycle fell over.  view
2004-08-01 Alexaandria, VA
Rear brake pads needed replacement at 13,500 miles. this is unusually early and when i stated that i was upset volvo said "they were having problems with the s40 pads being too soft." although, they still made me pay for the replacement.they said volvo was making the new pads better but because it was too early they did not know how long they would be lasting.  view
2004-07-29 Trussville, AL
97 spyder convertible - i am the owner since 08/03. rear window was leaking a bit and last week literally fell out. had to replace top, window could not be repaired. corners of driver and passenger sides are leaking seriously despite top replacement. seals may have to be replaced. cost so far - $2001 plus rental car. passenger seat slides and is difficult to lock.  view
2004-08-01 Plymouth, MN
The computer program controlling the tire pressure monitoring system is flawed. the computer will indicate (on dash display) that a tire is flat when the actual pressure is about 4 pounds either high or low. it will not show the actual tire involved or condition. it also causes an audio alarm to be sounded continually until the car is pulled over, stopped and the system disabled from the on dash controls. this is not always possible when on a freeway. the alarm is totally and completely in error.  view
2004-09-21 Port Washington, NY
While driving, the passenger side and driver side air bags unexpectedly deployed. vehicle was taken to the dealer for inspection and the mechanic could not duplicate the problem. the consumer received a call from the engineering department who informed the consumer the air bag deployed because the restraint module had received a signal from the crash sensors indicating an excessive lateral force that exceeded the threshold of its design for deployment.  view
2004-09-21 Toledo, OH
Consumer's 4 year old child was able to shift the lever out of the park gear while vehicle was parked on an incline. vehicle rolled across several streets before crashing into a neighbor's truck parked in driveway. dealership indicated that the steering pin broke.  view
2004-09-21 Audubon, PA
Consumer received nhtsa a recall letter#04v110000: regarding fuel rail. dealership still does not have the parts available to conduct recall repairs. dealer indicated to the consumer that he should wait an additional two weeks.  view
2004-09-21 Malvern, PA
After receiving recall letter 04v357000 concerning cam shaft position sensor there were no dealers to do recall repairs.  view
2004-06-23 Thousand Oaks, CA
1) use of the drivers door to enter and exit vehicle 2) top door hinge failed, causing door to pull away from body; unable to be closed in normal fashion 3) dealer currently removing door completely, installing new hinge and reinforcements, etc. to body of car.  view
2004-09-18 Downers Grove, IL
Took my 2004 toyota corolla le to dealer with complaint of steering wheel vibration at 60-70 mph. dealer stated that i needed spacers (rings) installed on my wheels (when i bought the car i ordered the option of alloy wheels and apparently the dealer never installed them to fit properly.  view
2004-09-18 Baltimore, MD
While driving, the left side view mirror casing/ cover fell off. the vehicle was taken to the dealer who indicated the part would not be replaced under warranty. the dealer concluded that the part fell off due to external circumstances. the consumer believes there is a defect.  view
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