1988 DAIHATSU CHARADE User Comment / Complaint

1988 DAIHATSU CHARADE User Comment / Complaint

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1995-08-08 00:00:00 Concord, CA

The drivier side seat belt buckle broken.

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1995-08-08 Concord, CA
The drivier side seat belt buckle broken.  view
2004-07-22 Houston, TX
The manifold on the consumers vehicle was replaced at his expense one year ago and now there is a recall on the fuel pressure regulator, which the consumer believed somehow affected the manifold. gm stated the defect did not affect his vehicle. after the engine was warmed and started, it would take a couple of tries and then the vehicle would surge when starting. the fuel pressure was leaking. the vehicle continued to lose coolant.  view
2004-07-22 St Louis, MO
Vehicle has a faulty windshield wiper motor. product recall notification was sent from general motors to the consumer, but the dealership failed to reimburse the consumer for repairs made for the above mentioned defect.  view
2004-06-12 Newcastle, WA
Temperature settings/adjustments on the climate control system do not work as intended. when it is cold outside, a set temperature of 68 degrees initially provides warm air, then it turns cold and the temp has to be raised to 82 degrees for warm air. sometimes, the right side operates. the car has been in the dealer shop twice, the second time for 3 weeks, and the dealer was unable to fix it. car is still under warranty. the dealer says there is something wrong with the design of the heating/ventilation system, and that they have seen other 2000-2001 year models with the same problem, and that saab has redesigned the system since then. after the first year of ownership, during the summer the system provided hot air instead of air conditioning, but that was fixed.  view
2004-06-12 San Diego, CA
First we started to hear a ticking sound from engine. dealer said it was something to do either with the fuel system or the y-collector on the exhaust. they advised to change y-collector with something less performance oriented, sounded incorrect so i obivously declined. soon after while traveling down in baja mexico we were climbing a mello grade when bamm!!! we lost most of our power and it sounded as though we were riding a large lawn mower without a muffler. since we were in mexico with no cell service, we crawled all the way home after midnight. upon inspection, rear passanger spark plug had blown through the threads and took the coil with it. replaced with cold-fusion coil, but still sounds as though main bearings aren't going to make it much longer!!!!  view
2004-06-12 Colorado Springs, CO
Automatic park brake system on my motorhome, chevrolet p-30. numerious failures, both deactiving the brake and activating the brake at highway speeds. numerious repairs and several thousand dollars has not solved the problem.  view
2004-05-07 Southwest Ranches, FL
There were numerous problems with 1999 honda odyssey which included transmission slippage but wasn't covered under the warranty extension. the problem was experienced before 100k miles. the technician found transmission fluid burned while the slipping was intermittent, but worsened and was more frequent than before. the transmission needed to be replaced.  view
2004-06-12 Woodland, AL
2001 dodge ram 2500 pickup truck. the cruise control malfunctions in three ways. 1) it will turn itself on and start to accelerate. 2) it will resume on its own after being tappped out with the brake pedal. 3) it has turned itself off. under some circumstances, either of those three malfunctions could lead to an accident. i was told by the service advisor at susan schein dodge trucks, in pelham, alabama, the problem was "servo failure." i paid them to put a new servo on my vehicle. on my way home from the shop, the cruise resumed on its own twice before i got home. i have advised chrsyler of the problem, but they refuse to take any action on their own. another dodge 2001 owner told me, he had a similar problem and it was the vehicle computer. he said chrysler fixed his truck and he was of the opinion a "recall" had been ordered. if so i was not advised and neither chrysler nor the dealer have agreed to repair the vehicle. [as for an exact date of incidents, i can't be sure. i know it turned itself on in may, 2004, and in september, 2003. those two times are very specific in my mind! as for resuming on its own, that started in late 2002, or early 2003. the number of failures listed is a conservative estimate.] other people have told me the problem is the vehicle computer. i've also had problems with the a/c working properly and with the o/d kicking in. people with more mechanical knowledge than i possess say, "the computer is fouled up!.  view
2004-07-22 Holden Beach, NC
When stopped at a traffic light, the vehicle surged forward. the consumer was able to control the vehicle and pulled off the road. the consumer will contact the dealer about this issue. please provide any further details.  view
2004-07-22 Powell, OH
While driving the consumer was unable to shift gears. the consumer was able to pull over and noticed that fluid was leaking from underneath the vehicle. the dealer informed the consumer that the transmission needed to be replaced.  view
2004-07-22 Miramar, FL
During a collision, the front air bags deployed, but did not inflate. the consumer suffered injuries to the face and upper torso. the consumer had the vehicle towed.(point of impact unknown). please provide more information.  view
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