1986 PONTIAC PARISIENNE User Comment / Complaint

1986 PONTIAC PARISIENNE User Comment / Complaint

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1995-08-03 00:00:00 New Wilmingt, PA

Continue intermittently brake light come, applied brake loss of brake pressure (abs).

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1995-08-03 New Wilmingt, PA
Continue intermittently brake light come, applied brake loss of brake pressure (abs).  view
2004-06-03 Quincy, WA
While driving at any speed the consumer had to struggle to keep the vehicle from drifting to the left. the dealer informed the consumer that the problem is a factory problem.  view
2003-06-22 Alvin, TX
Lift (transfer) pump failure.  view
2003-06-22 North Clarendon, VT
Vibrations floor,steering wheel new problem brakes rear inner pads and rotors gone 22k miles.  view
2004-04-28 Maineville, OH
Quest sl 2004 has failed to accelerate from a stopped position twice; once 2 weeks after buying, and the second about 4 weeks after; dealer not able to replicate problem. when the gas pedal is depressed the van does not accelerate, just moves very very slowly, as if it was in a higher gear. when car is stopped and turned off, the problem goes away.  view
2004-06-03 Little Falls, NJ
I own a 2004 jeep wrangler with a 4.0 i-6 engine. within the past 2 weeks, the vehicle has stalled on the highway 3 different times. the following applies to all 3 incidents... once i got the vehicle over to the shoulder and stopped, the engine would not restart. the vehicle was towed to a dealer where the crankshaft position sensor was diagnosed as faulty and thus replaced. the crankshaft position sensor was replaced three times. all 3 incidents of failure have occurred at highway speeds. this raises my safety concern since i can not accelerate and safely pull to the shoulder, especially when the surrounding vehicles are at highway speeds. the incident date posted was the date of the third and most recent incident the second incident occurred on may 23, 2004 and the first incident occurred on may 18, 2004.  view
2003-06-22 Hazelwood, MO
99 kia sportage surges when starting and idles so rough when stopped that you think the car will die, has died a few times. dealer has not been able to determine the cause to repair. all recall work was done, including the wiring harness fix sc014, but there was no symptom of problem then. extended warranty has expired, and continually finding problem with car. also tail pipe recently broke off had to be replaced. i now have a spreadsheet of the problems and repairs. would like to fix this problem if i knew what it was. had mass air flow sensor, throttle position sensor, numerous other parts replaced as well as a tune up. also the exhaust smells bad. engine doesn't have much pick up on small hills either.  view
2004-04-28 Munising, MI
Consumer left vehicle after shifting into park,with motor running. opened garage door, and then reentered vehicle, shifted out of park with foot on the brakes and vehicle suddenly surged forward into garage. had not placed foot on accelerator pedal when it had happened. this sudden acceleration occurred once before. had surging problem repaired in march, 2004. submitted a previous complaint 10062956, and was informed to resubmit complaint to the hot line from nhtsa's engineer - s. young.  view
2004-04-28 Rochester, NY
Vehicle lost power while driving 35 mph. this caused consumer to drift to the side of the road. consumer had the vehicle towed to the dealership. the mechanic determined that the transmission failed. the consumer later learned that a recall was issued for the transmission cooling unit and lines. the consumer feels this recall is related to her vehicle's failure. the consumer request reimbursement. the vehicle was only seven months old at the time of the failure.  view
2004-04-28 Cary, NC
Vehicle stalled, causing consumer to drift off the road. consumer took the vehicle to the dealer, and mechanic determined that intake manifold failed.  view
2003-06-23 Greene, RI
Consumer states that the vehicle was in a head on accident. consumer states that the drivers side airbag did not deploy. dealer notified.  view
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