1984 VOLKSWAGEN QUANTUM User Comment / Complaint

1984 VOLKSWAGEN QUANTUM User Comment / Complaint

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1996-04-04 00:00:00 El Paso, TX

Transmission failed to shift into 3rd gear, causing vehicle to come to a halt on the highway/accident.

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1996-04-04 El Paso, TX
Transmission failed to shift into 3rd gear, causing vehicle to come to a halt on the highway/accident.  view
2003-03-26 Gloucester, NJ
The consumer received a notification regarding the replacement of the front and rear cradle bolt retainer, however the dealer only replaced the front cradle bolts.  view
2003-03-26 Centennial, CO
The rv bottoms out and has drivability problem possibly due to faulty axle blocks, this problem has caused the grey and black water tanks to be crushed (monaco safari trek model 2830) .  view
2003-03-26 Sawyerville, AL
The vehicles four wheel drive pulled while driving.  view
2003-03-26 Rancho Santa Fe, CA
The brake and gas pedal were designed too close together, when the consumer attempted to step on the brake pedal, his foot slipped and depressed the gas pedal.  view
2003-03-26 Green Valley, AZ
The vehicles head gasket failed which caused the engine to be inoperative.  view
2003-03-26 La, CA
Honda accord 95. transmission problem, cost to fix: $2000. honda car not reliable. had other problems, replacement part: $700. dealer can't be trusted! brakes pulsating, fixed at pep boys: $200. brake problems! power driver's seat cost for fixing: $200. constant problem! still a problem, still not working well! timing belt change : $500. costs more than other cars to get this done! abs light came on, i have to replace modulator that is leaking, $1400. i want honda to be responsible and pay for the replacement. have always had problems. every time is something else! enough! i don't want to have to get a new car! i can't get a new car and used cars are not reliable either!!!!!  view
2003-07-28 Chandler, AZ
I own a 97 honda civic lx 4dr and have been in 3 accidents w/o air bag deployment. in 9/98 i was rear-ended at 40 mph which bent the frame of my car and cost several thousand to repair. honda service said that the airbags would not deploy unless there was a sudden decel and/or frontal impact. a few mos later in 01/99, i was in an accident and the police rpt states that i broadsided a 81 cadillac on the front driver's side at approx 35 mph. the front end of the cadillac was detroyed. i injured my neck, back, and shoulder as the seat belt did not lock when i flew forward. after the accident, i went to honda cars of mesa for body repair. it cost several thousand $, w/ significant front end damage and a bent frame. my air bags did not deploy in this accident. i requested an air bag fcheck and my friend and i were told by the mgr of service that the air bags were ok and the srs knows when to deploy the airbags. he said that the collision was not enough to cause the airbags to deploy; however, i had direct frontal impact at 35 mph. my car was also backed over by a garbage truck in5/99 w/o air bag deployment. in 04/03, i began to have probs with the srs light coming on and staying on. the light was staying on until the car was restarted. within 2 wks, my srs light stayed on. i took my car to a honda certified mechanic. he said the srs unit was bad and the code given was 7-2, 7-3 which indicates a bad unit and requires replacement. the part cost was $370. and the labor was $75. the day after the repair, the srs light came on and stayed on. within 2 mos the part went bad and the unit gave the code 7-2, which indicates replacement w/o diagnostics. he felt the initial part may have been bad and replaced it w/ honda's parts warranty, but if it happened again, there was another cause for the malfunction.the prob happened the day after i left the shop and the light is on again during most trips. my mechanic stated that the dealer will need to contact their tac.  view
2003-03-26 Glendale, AZ
2002 chevrolet trailblazer with 21,000 miles. bought in august 2001. has been in for service 10 times since we bought it. latest problem is stalling in the middle of intersections or after stopping. has been in for repairs for this problem 4 times, and problem recurred today. went out to start car and it was dead. just picked it up from the repair shop yesterday. has been towed three times for same problem. service shop has reprogrammed computer, replaced battery, ignition switch, and tcm (computer module), and pcm/vcm (other computer modules) and fuse kit. still having problem. suv is unreliable and unsafe.  view
2003-03-26 Toledo, OH
The brake lines that run between the master cylinder and proportioning valve are routed past the exhaust manifold heat shield retaining clamp. the retaining clamp has a bolt that protrudes up at about a 75 degree angle from horizontal. the brake lines were routed past this bolt and so close that they were rubbing up against it. over a period of time(14,050 miles) this contact caused brake failure due to a hole worn in the brake line tubing from constant friction. there has been no repairs or modifications of factory installed equipment of the braking system or any other system on this vehicle. fortunately there was not a accident caused by this incident. i believe this could be a potential safety recall issue on this vehicle.  view
2003-03-26 Pearl City, HI
When the vehicle was stopped at a traffic light on an incline the vehicle would roll backwards after the brake pedal was released and before the gas pedal was pressed. the consumer reported this problem to the dealer who stated that others reported similar concerns. the dealer also indicated that this problem was caused by a lack of lock on the transmission.  view
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