1990 AUDI 80 User Comment / Complaint

1990 AUDI 80 User Comment / Complaint

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1996-03-29 00:00:00 Norcross, GA

While driving 60mph, automatic transmission locked up, almost resulting in a accident.

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1996-03-29 Norcross, GA
While driving 60mph, automatic transmission locked up, almost resulting in a accident.  view
2003-05-01 San Diego, CA
The engine consumed six quarts of oil in the last 3000 miles. the dealer was notified and indicated that there was nothing they could do since the vehicle was no longer under warranty.  view
2003-05-01 Pearisburg, VA
The cosco child safety seat arm broke which left the child unrestrained. the manufacturer was notified (model 02-0919wal mfg date mar/24/200). cosco sent a replacement part.  view
2003-02-07 San Francisco, CA
This dealership is serramonte honda their contact number is (650) 758-4800. i would like the transmission replaced before my insurance expires. ph  view
2003-01-14 Glenview, IL
99 accourd v6 transmission grinds, slips and clunks. all maint done within schedule. many units in similar situation. product is defective. recall done on 2000-2001, however 1999 is also widely effected by the problem as well.  view
2003-01-14 Salem, MA
I have 1997 chevrolet, cavalier which i took delivery on july 28, 1997. the car is now undriveable. i went on line to the general motors recall list and located a recall for cars built between january 1, and october 31, 1997. the recall involves the lower pinion bearing in the power steering gear may separate, permitting movement of the pinion shaft. report indicate loss of power steering. there have been 15 report of crashes and three injuries that may be related to the condition, but no fatal injuries. i called general motors, described to them the problem with the car, which i had to have towed to my house. i gave them my vin # and the reply i got was that i am not involved in the recall. i have recalls for minor repairs but i am not on this recall list. i am a bit disturbed with this reply. my vehicle was built within the time frame of which was described. due to this problem i was nearly in a fatal accident. i was told to have the repairs done and then if my car fell under the recall i could fight to be reimbursed. so what their trying to tell me is drive the car, which cannot be driven at this point, get in an accident then they don't have to put me the recall list because the car has been totaled. this is a very poor way of taking care of a person's life when they know there is something wrong with the car. meanwhile we have no means of transportation for work. i first heard about this recall on the news on tv back in november 2002. can you help? please!!!!!!  view
2003-02-07 Miami, FL
The rear hatch door window shattered into pieces, cause unknown. this has occurred once before and happened again within a two week repair. ph  view
2003-02-07 Delray Beach, FL
The driver's side door has a crack in the middle and door is rusty. ph  view
2003-02-07 Kerrick, MN
Vehicle was fix twice for blown head gasket. ph  view
2003-02-07 Camarillo, CA
The consumer stated the child can easily "slide" under or depress the harness clip release and remove herself from the seat while the vehicle was in motion. css info: century/45600nto/05-16-02. the manufacturer sent another clip, however it slid off as well.  view
2003-02-07 Dayton, OH
The driver's side seat does not hold its position. ph  view
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