1990 COBRA VENTURA User Comment / Complaint

1990 COBRA VENTURA User Comment / Complaint

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1995-04-13 00:00:00 Sacramento, CA

Defective front exterior panel, also exterior shell assembly failure.

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1995-04-13 Sacramento, CA
Defective front exterior panel, also exterior shell assembly failure.  view
2000-09-20 Louisville, KY
No summary  view
2000-09-20 Vicksburg, MS
The tire's tread separated from the tire itself as described on television. luckily no one was injured from the incident. firestone has received the tire, and is in the process of acessing the damage to see whether it was a defect.( dot number: vn08pu097 tire size: p23570r16 )  view
2000-09-20 Newborn, GA
Paint is peeling from roof of van.  view
2000-11-21 Alameda, CA
Battery was drained, and this caused car not to start at 150 miles. srs light kept coming on at 1100 miles. this indicated that there was something wrong with airbags. at 1400 miles, srs light appeared again after dealer had corrected problem. the vehicle failed to start. the forward and backward seat adjustment was not working. there was noise coming from the sunroof. the engine was noisy. the engine light came on.  view
2000-09-20 Ferris, TX
Dealership would not even look at the problem because it was past the 75000 warranty milage. the brake line had rubbed a hole in a rigged steel line by rubbing up against the frame of the car.the regional field rep. did not even want to look at it. they were taking what the dealership was say about it that it was not a defect and no one ever looked at it !!!  view
2000-09-20 Mesa, AZ
From the time i purchased my motorhome i started having problems with the suspension. i had the vehicle at my dealer twice and to freightliner (the chassis manufacturer) 4 times and was told that they had a suspension problem and that they were trying to fix it without a recall. they were never able to fix the problem which eventually got so bat that i broke the left front spring which made me run off the road and i het my head very hard on the side window and steering wheel. this is a very unsafe vehicle to drive and it is my opinion that the motorhome coach is to heavy for the chassis which results in unstable handleing which in my case could have caured a terrible accident. it was very fortunate that a bad accident did not occur when the sp[ring broke and i ran off the road. if anyone would like to discuss this incident further please feel free to gige me a call.  view
2000-11-21 Dallas, TX
While traveling 75mph tread came off left front tire. had no warning or vibration of vehicle. weather was 95%. rim dug into concrete. did not lose control of vehicle. finally,pulled over & stopped. checked & changed tire with the spare. tire had disintergrated. tire size is 245/75r16.  view
2000-11-21 Brighton, MI
While driving 40mph started to smell smoke. then, noticed smoke was coming from steering column near ignition area. pulled over & stopped vehicle. got out of vehicle after turning it off. vehicle did not catch on fire. after awhile smoke disappeared.  view
2000-11-21 St. Paul, VA
Consumer received recall 98v323000 concerning subframe corrosion that had been issued two years ago, and consumer complained that it took two years to get letter.  view
2000-11-21 Felton, PA
After hearing news hype about tires & checked them noticed that all four tires were cracked or split near or on tread & sidewall casing. took tires to firestone retailer & was informed tires will not be exchanged due to not being on recall. there was wear on sidewall & tread. has invoice with information. firestone wilderness at with 40,000 miles, p235/75r15, dot w2h1.  view
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