1995 LEXUS LEXUS User Comment / Complaint

1995 LEXUS LEXUS User Comment / Complaint

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1996-01-18 00:00:00 Manhattan, CA

Brake failure.

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1996-01-18 Manhattan, CA
Brake failure.  view
2000-10-05 Amherst, OH
Consumer was in traffic, went to apply gas pedal and vehicle took off without prior warning. there were no injuries. dealership wasn't notified.  view
2000-10-05 Slingerland, NY
Original equipment on a 1999, explorer, p255/70r16 size, dot#w2cu . right rear tire has started to crack along the sidewall.  view
2000-10-05 Rockmart, GA
Recall 97v069000 concerning steering gear box. vehicle has been at dealership waiting for parts to be repaired for over a month. automobile nations dealer located in lithia springs , ga 770-745-3800. manufacturer has been notified.  view
2000-09-11 Evergreen Pk, IL
Brake shoes squeak in am sometimes in the evening, took it two times to the inspector they said it was account of asbestos in brake shoes.  view
2000-09-11 Columbus, OH
Due to consumer height the seat must be pulled all the way forward so the accelerator and brake can be reached, but when pulled forward the seat belt is too tight.  view
2000-09-11 Seguin, TX
Five sets of steer tires have been replaced, finally front end completely overhauled.  view
2000-09-11 Charleston, MO
Driver experienced loosness in front end & had to have one front hub retorqued.  view
2000-09-11 West Olive, MI
Right front hud assembly fell off, volvo replaced whole front axle possible bearing failure.  view
2000-10-05 Detriot, MI
Consumer was at a stop light & there was a thump. making a left turn vehicle was swaying left & right. consumer got out and found that trailer had hit the ground at a 45 degree angle on passengr's side. rear had both arms closest to the bumper completely broken off. manufacturer never measured the parts to fix trailer. they would not replace it since it was not on recall, and it was not under warranty.  view
2000-10-05 West Hampton Beach, NY
Vehicle was parked in driveway. consumer noticed smoke inside of vehicle, and he got out of the vehicle. fire department wasn't notified, and there were no injuries.  view
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