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1995 TOYOTA T100 in Fargo ND
Can someone help me!!! I own a 1995 Toyota T100 that starts and idles normal, the problem starts when gets up to 2500 rpms hesitates bad and won't go over 45 MPH. I have replaced plugs,wires,fuel filter, fuel pump,MAF sensor, timing belt a...
1995 TOYOTA T100 in Modesto, CA
1998 TOYOTA T100 in Robertsdale, AL
Tl contact owns a 1998 toyota t100. the contact stated that the seat belt locks, but becomes loose when driving. the seat belt fails to retract when the failure occurs, but the seat belt warning indicator light illuminates. the current m...
1997 TOYOTA T100 in The Woodlands, TX
Weak spring on seat belts for both passenger and driver. will not completely recoil, and therefore was frequently crimped in door with door closure. weak belt was expected to result, a hazard for both the drive and the other front seat pas...
1997 TOYOTA T100 in Cascade, MD
Front seat belts will not retract when disengaged. retractor spring not strong enough to retract the belt through the b-pillar anchor point. consequently, the belt was loose, not tight to shoulder, when in use, and was a safety issue. ...
1997 TOYOTA T100 in Chesnee, SC
Received a safety recall notice for a specific part (steering relay rod); took vehicle to dealership for replacement; dealership refused to replace the recalled part, unless we agreed to have a couple other "bad" parts replaced & paying ove...
1995 TOYOTA T100 in Seymour, CT
Clutch pedal bracket metal cracked; resulting in clutch not able to disengage flywheel to shift gears.
1998 TOYOTA T100 in Marion, NC
Twice i have had to replace the rear axel seals due to them leaking. when i had the rear axel seals replaced i have also had to replace the rear brakes due to the oil getting on the brakes. i discovered where the seals were all but gone wh...
1997 TOYOTA T100 in Rosamond, CA
On my 1997 toyota t100 pick up, i replaced the front wheel brake hoses -the pedal went all the way to the floor, the master cylinder is a single cylinder for all four wheels, when it should have separate cups for the front and back wheels,...
1996 TOYOTA T100 in Shoshone, CA
Dt*: the contact stated when an independent mechanic worked on the vehicle, there was no evidence of a problem with the steering shaft. shortly after the repair work, the steering shaft fractured at the pitman arm while driving 4 mph in a ...
1994 TOYOTA T100 in Cranston, RI
Dt*: the contact stated while driving 30 mph on normal road conditions, the vehicle rode rough and at one point, overheated and blew a head gasket. the vehicle was taken to the nearest independent mechanic shop, who determined the head ga...
1996 TOYOTA T100 in Vista, CA
Heard a loud rattle in engine. disassembly discovered broken head of connecting rod bolt. resulted in damage to connecting rod bearing; requires engine overhaul and piston/ connecting rod replacement. extremely expensive.
1996 TOYOTA T100 in Vista, CA
Seat belt tensioner too weak and allows seat belt to hang loose once buckled. unwary driver closes door and a loop of seat belt hangs outside vehicle. could result in catastrophic results in crash. not uncommon for me to see other t100 p...
1996 TOYOTA T100 in Alexandria, VA
I purchased four new tires 08-02-05 from hogan and sons in virginia, 9580 main st fairfax, virginia (703) 323-1044. product goodyear, tires dunlop, product code 263-012-493-0. the first tire went completely flat with no signs of cause in...
1995 TOYOTA T100 in Blackwell, TX
Dt*: the contact stated a year ago the steering relay rod fractured. it was repaired before a recall was announced. a recall letter was received and because no invoice is available, the manufacturer will not reimburse the contact. the n...
1994 TOYOTA T100 in New Brighton, MN
Dt*: the contact stated while turning left at 5mph the vehicle is difficult to steer. upon inspection the contact determined there is a crack in the steering relay rod. there is a nhtsa recall, # 05v389000, regarding the steering relay r...
1996 TOYOTA T100 in Chula Vista, CA
Dt*: the contact stated while driving 25mph up a hill, the driver's side seat fell backward. upon inspection, the contact observed a broken screw from the lever which releases the back of the seat. the manufacturer has been informed.
1998 TOYOTA T100 in Belcher, KY
Dt*: the contact stated while driving 10 mph, the drag link broke on the steering. the vehicle was pulled to the side of the road. it was towed to an independent repair shop for steering repairs. updated 04/06/06.
1993 TOYOTA T100 in Franklin Park, NJ
Recall part defective in 1993 toyota t 100 .. we had our head gasket replaced during the recall and 40,000 miles later our truck is completely disabled due to this same problem! it is a very costly repair for a part that i see by doing a se...
1995 TOYOTA T100 in West Jordan, UT
Pushed clutch pedal in, heard popping sound. clutch pedal bracket cracked. unable to shift gears and vehicle would not start.
1997 TOYOTA T100 in Houston, TX
Clutch bracket (mounted inside passenger compartment on firewall behind clutch pedal) cracked. cracked bracket deforms when clutch pedal is pressed, keeping clutch from disengaging completely.
1997 TOYOTA T100 in Miami, FL
Plastic headlight covers turning hazy.
1995 TOYOTA T100 in Upper Marlboro, MD
Fuel leak from gas lines above tank on 1995 t100,lines had rusted. had fuel lines replace.
1998 TOYOTA T100 in Fort Bragg, NC
I have a 1998 toyota t100 4x4 pick up truck. the wiring harness that connects to the blower motor shorted out about two years ago. i had to go to the junkyard and take one out of another model toyota car to fix it. since then the wire ha...
1995 TOYOTA T100 in Virginia Beach, VA
Front steering link on 1995 toyota t-100 breaks. results in no steering.
1997 TOYOTA T100 in Syracuse, NY
Clutch braket cracked
1993 TOYOTA T100 in Cumming, GA
1) vehicle became increasingly difficult to drive. 2) clutch pedal bracket (support sub-assy/part # - 55106-34010) cracked along with firewall weakness made vehicle undrivable. 3) replaced clutch pedal bracket. old part is available.
1998 TOYOTA T100 in Agoura Hills, CA
The left rear axle was spraying oil onto the left rear wheel well and brake assembly while driving. vehicle was towed to the dealer, who resealed the axle. within 100 miles the problem recurred.
1997 TOYOTA T100 in Monroe, LA
Truck became difficult to shift and would lock up in first ear or reverse. discovered that the clutch pedal bracket was cracked, and warped and the firewall had also cracked.
1996 TOYOTA T100 in Chester, AR
When the cruise control is set at a certain speed it increases the speed on its own. this vehicle is not included in the cruise control nhtsa recall campaign 96e001000.
1998 TOYOTA T100 in Warwick, RI
Calipers on the brakes of toyota t100 pickup trucks lockup causing irrepairable damage to brake pads and rotors. this necessitates replacement of the brake assembly and rotor-hub parts and significant labor cost ($931). this has happened ...
1996 TOYOTA T100 in Wichita, KS
Clutch pedal bracket failure. bracket is completely broken at firewall and cracked on the side. can not shift into gear. dealer unable to say if they can get replacement part.
1996 TOYOTA T100 in Santa Cruz, CA
(1) while backing out of a parking space, i heard a noise like a pop. i thought someone might have been walking behind me and thumped my truck to let me know they were there. approximately two miles down the road my vehicle started to veer ...
1998 TOYOTA T100 in Myrtle Beach, SC
The driver's seat belt latch was defective. the buckle will not latch. the consumer stated it was a state law that the seat belts were to be worn while driving. the seat belt would not retract.
1997 TOYOTA T100 in Greenville, SC
While backing out of the driveway consumer heard a loud noise, and then loss steering control. consumer inspected the vehicle, and found that the tie rod broke. vehicle was towed to the dealer, and they confirmed that tie rod broke. cons...
1997 TOYOTA T100 in Brentwood, TN
While turning into a parking lot front wheels would not move. vehicle had to be towed. the recirculating ball was repaired.
1996 TOYOTA T100 in Seattle, WA
Nar 1/15/2003. the front steering rod failed while driving at a low speed. the part showed evidence of a long term defect, there was a half moon crack with old rust deposits.
1997 TOYOTA T100 in Whitethorn, CA
While driving 25 mph, the vehicle started veering to the left, the vehicle then hit an embankment and turned over. the tie rod was severed through. the manufacturer stated that the tie rod broke when the vehicle tipped over.
1998 TOYOTA T100 in Winchester, VA
On july 28, 2004, my 1998 toyota t-100 4x4 suffered a complete lack of steering control as i started down my driveway. the cause was a steering rod relay that broke in two. i have the failed part. it appears to have been either a two-par...
1997 TOYOTA T100 in Abbeville, LA
Hard to shift into gear. clutch support bracket cracked in several places. one major crack. replace bracket...
1995 TOYOTA T100 in Oakwood, GA
While being road tested by the service technician the drivers side air bag deployed for no apparent reason.
1995 TOYOTA T100 in New Orleans, LA
The seatbelts do not retract they have been replaces 2 times by the dealership and have let go once again this causes the seatbelts to get slammed in the doors and exposes the tag that says they must be replaced. it also causes extreme ware...
1997 TOYOTA T100 in Glendora, CA
While driving 55 mph vehicle stalled. consumer tried to restart vehicle, but was unable to do so. consumer had the vehicle towed to the dealer for inspection, and mechanic determined that the head gasket needed to be replaced due to wor...
1997 TOYOTA T100 in Jackson, TN
The central steering linkage that connects the tie rods was defective. this defect resulted in a total loss of steering. fortunately the steering linkage rod failed as i turned into the driveway. i saved the rod for further analysis if you ...
1993 TOYOTA T100 in Portland, OR
The gear shift lever snapped off while backing out of a parking space. the dealer is aware of the problem, but the manufacturer is not.
1996 TOYOTA T100 in Carpinteira, CA
Sudden break in clutch support bracket. caused vehicle to suddenly move without ability to control. the breakage of this bracket was caused by a design defect, and not by use or lack of maintainance. dealer's service manager admitted that t...
1996 TOYOTA T100 in Queen Creek, AZ
The firewall on my 1996 toyota t100 has cracked where the master clutch cylinder attaches. i am unable to get the truck into gear. approximately 80,000 miles. many other people have reported this problem as well yet toyota refuses to acce...
1996 TOYOTA T100 in Bealeton, VA
Clutch pedal bracket cracked, causing the clutch pedal to collapse to the floor and be inoperable.
1997 TOYOTA T100 in Athens, GA
The consumer had a problem with the vehicle going into first gear. the vehicle was taken to the dealer who replaced the clutch pedal bracket. please describe further.
1995 TOYOTA T100 in Oakland, CA
While driving clutch pedal bracket and the firewall broke. dealer notified. consumer stated there were many complaints from other consumers, and has caused financial repair issues.
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