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I have a 2005 Sienna Van. I had it converted to a handicapped van. The van has about 28,000 miles on it. There have been 6 recalls on it for hatch struts which failed and the hatch would fall on your head, the spare wheel straps holding the...
2006 TOYOTA SIENNA in Colorado
My air bag light blinks constantly. I took to a dealer and he told me I would need to replace and air bag part worth $700. WHAT????? Why is this issue my fault????? Why is there not a recall???
2006 TOYOTA SIENNA in Long Beach, CA 90815
i bought my Sienna new in November 2005. i took it to be services and told the rep. about my door maybe needed to be oiled. he never told me sbout the limited warranty on the door, until i went back to pickup my van and my door was worse. ...
2007 TOYOTA SIENNA in New Jersey
My 2007 Toyota Sienna XLE is experiencing numerous issue with the rear trunk since I bought it. First instance happened when the trunk would not open with the remote and Green Brook Crystal Automall had to replace the sensor. The second ha...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in memphis
Mine was fixed and then went bad again. Toyota dealer will not fix again. Good luck
2005 TOYOTA SIENNA in Aubrey, Texas
I had a similar Issue. My wife closed lift gate. Left strut Failed and bent Broke my window. Toyota Blamed us!
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Allentown, PA
Same problem on passenger side. Toyota says its our problem, sent us to a body shop to get the hinges welded. Body shop said that if not repaired, it gets worse to a point that you can't repair and need to replace the door. They say they ha...
2007 TOYOTA SIENNA in Alberta, Canada
Try bending the rear exhaust manifold heat shield
2007 TOYOTA SIENNA in Alberta, Canada
Try bending the rear exhaust manifold heat shield
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in New Jersey
I am having this very same problem with my driver side door, its making the horrible popping sound (as if something stuck at the hinge). I am wondering how much it is going to cost, could you please let me know what you have done!! So far t...
2000 TOYOTA SIENNA in Woodstock,GA
I have lost my confidence in Toyota's quality and integrity. The rear door latch has failed twice in 10 years. Toyota knows this is made with a cheap piece of plastic, and should be recalled. There are thousands of complaints about this iss...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Fairfax, CA
I, too, have had issues with the transmission and acceleration: bumpy gear shifting, staying in a low gear too long in acceleration, not accelerating for several seconds after the gas pedal was fully depressed. Both the dealer, which I have...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in San Ramon, CA
I have 2004 Toyota Sienna LE. We don’t have an automatic one. Just the one need lift manually. Can not lift now. It's hurt my hand because I didn't know the door close back. I found have more people had same problem, not just power model...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in San Jose, CA
I recently was in a similar accident and I was wondering if your car suffered any additional damage when you hit the divider like losing an axle. When I saw what had happened to my Sienna, I realized that both left tires had blown and that...
1998 TOYOTA SIENNA in Newton MA
I have the same issue as Milpitas CA 2009-11-06 with the doors. Now both sliding doors have locks that are stuck and will not open from the inside.
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in ellicott city, Maryland
Just curious if Toyota agreed to replace your door. I just recently had the same problem with my driver side door popping and the "extended" warranty had expired. This made me quite upset. I researched this problem online and found many ...
2002 TOYOTA SIENNA in 34233
My 2002 Sienna has the same problem. It didn't start until shortly after reaching 90,000 miles, however it happens and is a major concern. It will start, but the idle is low and rough, causing the driver to 'race' the engine. This doesn'...
I had the same problem with my 2004 Sienna
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in puerto rico
i have on my toyota sienna 2004 problem with the dashboad was all crack ,let me know is have any recall
1998 TOYOTA SIENNA in Milpitas, CA
I have almost all problems others reported on this site for the 98 sienna. 1. Rear door latch broke. I can no longer open it. 2. Passenger-side sliding door button stuck in depressed position so cannot open it from the inside. Pry the b...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in st. louis
I too have had trouble with the sienna headlight. I have a 2005 sienna and the light on the left front went out. I got it changed then I had the water problem. soon I had the new light go out and $1000 estimate for a new Headlight kit. The ...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in B.C,canada
I have n 04 sienna also
2000 TOYOTA SIENNA in Warwick, NY
Last night my son was driving my '99 home on a road with a 55mph speed limit, when suddenly the hood popped open, smashing the windshield, warping the hood, and denting the roof. He's lucky he didn't hit anything, but managed to pull over s...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Michigan
I had the same problem within the first 2 months of buying my car new. Toyota said that it was a defective headlight assembly and replaced it under warranty.
I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna that has a large amount of condensation inside the headlamp on the passenger side. I first noticed it in the wintertime when there was ice built up INSIDE the lens. It seems to be problem that many other owne...
Yes, there is an extended Toyota warrantee (8yr, 100kmi) on 1998-2000 Sienna minivan transmissions and as an owner of a 1999, I did receive a letter from Toyota about the warrantee. The bad news is that mine just failed 9 months past the w...
2000 TOYOTA SIENNA in Honolulu, HI
I am the original owner of a 2000 sienna. Afew days ago I took van into dealer to diagnose a problem I can only describe as intermittent slipping of the tranny between 1st and 2nd gear. I also asked them to check on a slow leak and my timin...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Plano, TX
While removing items from the rear section of the vehicle the lift gate droped down and begin closing on me. as thought the locking device failed holding it up and open, it did not stop once gently touching me and i had to use force to sto...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Clifton, NJ
The rear hatch opens fine but starts closing automatically (it is electric) a few seconds after it opens all the way when cold even when no buttons nor the door are touched.
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Inglewood, CA
Headlight, hid, passenger side. lens filled with water (condensation?) and would not dry. water would actually stream down the inside of the lens. soon my hid bulb stopped working. dealer wanted $350.00 for a new bulb. i told the dealer i h...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Bartlett, IL
Our 2004 toyota sienna xle rear door does not stay up. it rises automatically, holds for a second or so and then starts closing. it takes a lot of force to stop. it has been doing it fairly consistently lately. the first ominous sign wa...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Dearborn, MI
Driver seat belt fails to retract as the strap gets caught in the opening where it retracts. it did this on rare occasion under warranty but now does it constantly. there fore the seat belt is very loose and does not restrain the occupant...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Dearborn, MI
Driver seat belt fails to retract as the strap gets caught in the opening where it retracts. it did this on rare occasion under warranty but now does it constantly. there fore the seat belt is very loose and does not restrain the occupant...
2005 TOYOTA SIENNA in Powell, OH
Back liftgate won't stay up. when the back hatch is opened, it closes immediately (quickly). it is dangerous for my wife & children as it comes down as soon as it's opened. i'm afraid someone will get hurt.
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Fremont, CA
Since i bought it, my 2004 sienna back door won't lift up easily. i need to lift it up. i need to pull hard to get it down and close. right after 3 years of struggle, one of the air strut failed. it won't go in and the rod was bent.
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Palo Alto, CA
2004 toyota sienna opened back door dropped unexpectedly causing minor head injury and property damage.
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Mcallen, TX
I have a2004 sienna xle. last sunday october 28,2007 the lift back door when opened (powered ) and reach it's highest point when all of a sudden it jerked downwards forcefully nd hit my husband(-trying to put grocery). it should have stay...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Newark, CA
Power lift gate on 2004 toyota sienna dropped down and struck driver on back of neck causing injury. as in past, there was no warning prior to liftgate coming down approx 1-2 feet. vehicle was repaired two week prior by dealer, with new lif...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Los Angeles, CA
We have a sienna 2004 limited. but recently the rear door closed it itself and hurt my daughter and son. the problem is a serious threat to safety of kid and please make a record of this problem. we hope you may help to find a solution to t...
2005 TOYOTA SIENNA in Lexington, OH
Tl contact owns a 2005 toyota sienna. shortly after purchasing the vehicle, the driver side seat belt became stuck and would not fully retract. the failure began intermittently, but currently the seat belt is inoperable. the vehicle is n...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Dashboard cracked on the right side. dealership arranged repair at my expense. six months later another crack of a 18" in length appeared in front of the passenger side above the glove box. old crack is also visible again.
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Glen Ellen, IL
Tl contact owns a 2004 toyota sienna. the contact stated that the struts on the rear door that support the lift gate failed. the lift gate could be operated manually or electronically. the rear door closes on the person under the door, b...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Brentwood, NY
There is 2 to 3 seconds delay and slight acceleration lag even when taking off from a stop. couple of times i was close to run into accident.
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Brentwood, NY
In winter time, only rear vents blow cold air even if the rear thermostat switch on red color. dealer inspected and said that is normal. leave the van running for 25 to 40 minutes until get warm air. all last winter i had to turn off rear v...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Warwick, NY
Power lift gate unexpectedly closes upon opening and has closed on the person standing there. and has on occasion not repelled back after making strong contact with the person standing there. as a result, the individual had to quickly squ...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Staten Isl, NY
Toyota pre-2007 tpms (tire pressure monitoring system) design flaw. it only works when you "suddenly lose pressure" while vehicle is moving above 20 mph. it does not detect tire pressure loss any other time, even if one tire is at zero ps...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Peru, NY
Our van has power sliding doors. in the summer of 2006, the driver side door was opening when the cable snapped. the van was taken to the local dealer who was able to get toyota to supply the part ($1,000) and charged approx. $300 for labor...
2002 TOYOTA SIENNA in Lilburn, GA
Tl contact owns a 2002 toyota sienna. at 34,006 miles, the brakes began to make squeaking noises and the brake warning light illuminated. the failure occurred while driving 45 mph. at 36,000, 46,000, and 49,000 miles, the dealer replaced...
2005 TOYOTA SIENNA in Wauwatosa, WI
Tl contact owns a 2005 toyota sienna. the welding on the driver side door has separated from the hinge. as a result, the door would not remain open. the door began making noises six months ago. the contact stated that the passenger side...
2004 TOYOTA SIENNA in Benson, MN
The rear liftgate struts on our 2004 toyota sienna failed to hold up the back tailgate. it collapsed on my wife and bruised her neck. should this have happened to a small child i think with the weight of this door could severely injury. ...
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