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I was riding my 07 m109r stoped at a light and when I went to put it in gear the bike jumped and went back into neutral
2000 SUZUKI INTRUDER in Madison, GA
Numerous complaints about the false netural between 4th and 5th. Any solutions to fix the problem?
2005 SUZUKI VERONA in Georgia
Mines doin the same thing. I'm going to try to reset the CPU in the morning and see if that helps.
2005 SUZUKI VERONA in Georgia
Mines doin the same thing. I'm going to try to reset the CPU in the morning and see if that helps.
Mine too! Just this past ride. I have to kick the hell outta it for it to catch.
2003 SUZUKI SUZUKI MOTORCYCLE in palm coast florida
They will roll off the kickstand if not in gear and angled forward
2002 SUZUKI VL1500 in Buccan. Queensland. Australia
28/12/2013 I have pulled down this bike and found that there was a fuel leak, which I had seen before and thought that I had fixed by getting new fuel lines installed. So I pulled out the tank as per the manual and cleaned up the tank, and...
SUZUKI GSX1300R in Pennsylvania
Just got new brakes put on the front of my 06 hayabusa 1300 drove 21 miles brakes locked up and threw me at least 10 feet the brakes were professionally installed what happened? And what should I do I could have been killed!!
2004 SUZUKI VERONA in new jerssy
i have a problem in the car that it some time accelerate and some time not and it have problem in the cats and i loos the power of the car i don' know what can i do
SUZUKI AN650 BURGMAN in Cocoa fla.
I have a 2005 burgman 650 I bought from a friend of mine with 38000 miles on it. it was fine for about 2000 miles but then the start switch went bad,then the primary pulley sensor went badand caused the transmittion to need complete overhau...
SUZUKI VL800 in kalamazoo
i have a vl 800and im having a starting problem for some reason the starter isnt turning the motor over so i pulled the starter to see if the spline was wore out but the starter looks to be brand new what else can i do to fix this
I called the Suzuki headquarters about the erratic movement of my m109r second gear that would shift into neutral all by it self, I could never get to third gear with the trans popping into neutral at least twice before getting to third gea...
2006 SUZUKI BOULEVARD M109R in The Villages, Florida
I also have a 2007 M109R. I just replaced multiple gears in the transmission (especially 2nd gear). The bike would lurch as I increased speed. ultimately, the transmission would fail. I just spent $5,200 to get the thing fixed. I don't...
2003 SUZUKI GSF1200
What was the final outcome I have the same problem and also the screws that hold the projectors to the adjust plate had all come out, I was able to fix it in a crafty way
Has anyone found out the problem yet?
2005 SUZUKI XL-7 in Fontana, CA
My Suzuki 2005 xl7 did the exact same thing only I had just put it in drive and had my foot on brake. I took of so fast I hit a wall going approx. 40mpg. Airbags deployed and hit me so hard the whole exper. nearly killed me. Totalled out th...
2005 SUZUKI XL-7 in Fontana, CA
My advice to you is to stop driving it and insist something be done. My 2005 Xl7 did this only I hit a wall going approx 40mpg. Totalled the car and put me in the hospital. My airbag imploded also and hit me so hard my face and chest swel...
2005 SUZUKI XL-7 in Fontana, CA
Just put food on gas after stopping, 2005 xl7 floored and hit a wall going approx 40mpg. Air bag deployed and hit me so hard it nearly killed me. Has anyone had trouble with gas pedal sticking?
SUZUKI BOULEVARD M109R in Watertown, Wi
In August of 2012 I was riding my 2007 Suzuki Boulevard M109R on Hwy. 94 when my back tire completely locked up on me without any warning. My bike was totalled and I was injured pretty bad. After three surgeries later, things are slowly ge...
2005 SUZUKI VERONA in Illinois
My 2005 Suzuki Verona has an Engine Revving problem when in park. It will rev up to 2000 rpm then drop to 1500 rpm and go back and forth between 1500 to 2000 rpm. I replaced the throttle valve and the map sensor but it continues to do it. A...
2005 SUZUKI FORENZA in Franecki Enterprises.
As long as you have proof of having had the oil changed on a regular basis, the motor should be replaced under warranty. if the dealer will not help you call suzuki's corporate 800 number. the dealer has to provide you with that number. If ...
2006 SUZUKI AERIO in huntsville, al
We have had to replace the brakes four times now since we bought the car new! There is obviously a defect in the braking system and why isn't Suzuki taking care of their customers? We won't buy from them again.
2006 SUZUKI BOULEVARD M109R in Tucson Az.
Engine and transmission locked up at intersection. Almost got run over. Could not get the transmission out of gear to push the bike for some time. When trying to start the engine the bike would buck and stall because of the lockup. Very dan...
2005 SUZUKI VL800
what was the reason for the clocks not working ive got same problem on 2005 bandit
2006 SUZUKI BOULEVARD M109R in Indianapolis, In
I have a 2006 Boulevard M109R and I have the exact same issue with the Gas oder and leaking. I noticed this issue whenI started my bike after letting it set in the garage for about a month and a half. When I first started the bike it kind o...
1999 SUZUKI INTRUDER in Vancouver, BC
Transmission failing to find 2nd Gear. It's like it has disappeared. Not sure what the problem is. Anyone else had issues of this sort?
2003 SUZUKI SV1000 in wa
like to see the pics
2005 SUZUKI VERONA in somewhere
How the hell can you be driving 65 mph while accelerating from a stop? Wow...
2004 SUZUKI VERONA in rhode island
i had same problem it was reprogrammed
2005 SUZUKI AERIO in 2005
I have had the same problem with my brakes--replacing them every 15,000 miles. Again, Suzuki refused to take responsibility for them even with my husband and I both wanting to talk to corporate about the issue. I had them replaced 4,000 mil...
suzuki vitara 95 steering shudders left and right when verging around bends in the road at all speeds please help
2004 SUZUKI VERONA in Cleveland
Yes, my 9 yr old son stated the same problem. I checked it and it is a serious problem. I call the dealer and they don't admit to anything. For Suzuki to succeed (to keep their good name), the Management should listen to their customer ...
2007 SUZUKI FORENZA in Topeka, Kansas
Drivers door handle broke off at base, Dealer replaced ASAP but said it was normal "wear and tear", after 5 months of talking with them! Vehicle is driven by my wife and only had 35,000 at the time.
2006 SUZUKI BOULEVARD M109R in seattle,wa
Try shifting between 12mph- 20mph from 1st to 2nd.
Try shifting between 15-20mph to 2nd
2003 SUZUKI AERIO in san juan
saludos !!! pudiste resolver el problema?? a mi me pasa algo similar pero tiene q ver con el alternador cuando lo compre en el dealer lo entregaron con problemas en el 2003 y lo llevamos y lo resolvieron pero en julio del 2009 se dano lo ll...
2006 SUZUKI VL800 in Greensboro, NC
Speaking of my 2006 Suzuki C50... It's in the shop right now. They say it's a spun rod bearing. One shop tells me that this is very, very rare... the dealership doing the repair took three days to even diagnose the problem. I've been dil...
2003 SUZUKI SUZUKI MOTORCYCLE in Carrollton, Ga.
My husband was killed on July 19, 2009 while riding his Suzuki Intruder model number VS800GLK3. He was traveling on a highway near Marietta, Ga., when traffic stopped suddenly. Speed was not the issue. Witnesses reported that when he stopp...
I was riding my 2000 1500vl downhill in high temps through desert and brakes gave out. After they cooled off, no more problem. I wonder who to talk to about this.
2006 SUZUKI BOULEVARD M109R in belgaum india
my suzuki boulevard m1800r 2006 makes a noise everytime i change gears from 1st to 2nd and upwards but no sound while coming down to the lower gears. is this normal? if not, what should i do. we have no suzuki dealers here. whatever has to...
2005 SUZUKI AERIO in Cabo Rojo, PR
I purchased the vehicle new, in the last 3 yrs, I have had to repair/change driver's side disk, ball bearing and struts appox. every 2 months. Balancing, and aligning will not do, I have tried everything, new tires every few months, etc. st...
2006 SUZUKI VL800
The marks ARE casting marks, not cracks. They are purely cosmetic, and are not a defect in any way.
2006 SUZUKI AN400 in Fairfield, Iowa
During 5/08, the left front fender bolt fell out en route with 1500 miles on ODO...front fender tore off shortly thereafter (again en route) has been VERY responsive and likewise frustrated. FOUR fenders later, something is causing...
2006 SUZUKI FORENZA in leesburg,fl
Are there any known steering lockups for the 06 forenza. vehicle has 37,000 miles with no previous steering problems and it seems to be normal now. wife was driving the forenza and went to negotiate a turn and went straight off the road luc...
The vibration when turning from a stop is normal. Don't forget that this is a true all-time 4x4 vehicle, and is equipped with a "mechanical limited slip differential". The vibration you are feeling is coming from the LSD, which activates ...
2005 SUZUKI AERIO in Portland, OR
I have had the same problem with my brakes--replacing them every 15,000 miles. Again, Suzuki refused to take responsibility for them. I had them replaced 4,000 miles ago with ceramic brakes (I only have 39,000 miles on the car) and they a...
2004 SUZUKI VINSON in honduras
i want to purpose a logo idea for suski can i talk with the publicity manager.
2003 SUZUKI XL-7
It is obvious the dealer has either removed or switched in a non-functional air bag. A real common scam actually. Good luck. These types have balls the size of the moon and will double-dare you to prove it. Best bet. Retrieve vehicle, disco...
2006 SUZUKI FORENZA in 28053
Where did you purchase your car?
2007 SUZUKI GSX-R750 in San Francisco, CA
When in motion, at varying constant speed, as throttle is open and held at about 10%, motorcycle engine would buck on and off repeatedly until you either accelerated or change gear. this is a very dangerous behavior when going around a cur...
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