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1999 SAAB SAAB in Fort Lauderdale, FL
This is a response relating nhtsa action number : pe05017 lots of these things are failing. friends at a dealer tell me one a day was being towed in. i have seen a pile of at least 100 bad ones at a dealer. i have some failed units in my p...
1994 SAAB SAAB in Bronx, NY
While driving 20 mph vehicle stalled. consumer managed to pull over and had vehicle towed. the dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem.
2003 SAAB SAAB in Atlanta, GA
While driving the vehicle lost power steering. .
2003 SAAB SAAB in Rockville Centre, NY
There was a strong smell of sulfur fumes inside the vehicle.
2001 SAAB SAAB in Columbus, OH
I have had repeated wheel failure that has lead to premature wearing of my tires. dt
1994 SAAB SAAB in Lynnfield, MA
Air bag light is illuminated on the dash board. consumer has contacted the dealer. dealer has replaced air bag sensor, and cleaned the coding. please provide further information.
2001 SAAB SAAB in Seattle, WA
Ignition switch is located at the center on console and can be easily be hit and turned off. dealer has been notified.
2001 SAAB SAAB in Portland, OR
Engine completely shut down while driving. no electrical, no engine. was able to restart after approx. 5 mins. dealer does not know what happened. replaced ignition starter.
1999 SAAB SAAB in Oak Creek, CO
Defroster control originally malfunctioned in april 99 and was returned three additional times to be repaired under warranty (last time at 62256 miles. at 87,000 the car did not have defrost capability and they finally replaced the heater/...
SAAB SAAB in Malibu, CA
Front headlight failed.
1993 SAAB SAAB in Yakima, WA
Timing chain broke when driving down the road at 35 mph.
1992 SAAB SAAB in New York, NY
While driving vehicle was involved in a collision and the air bag deployed and let out some kind of black smoke which filled the entire vehicle.
SAAB SAAB in Potomac, MD
Fluctuating idle prior to service recall.
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