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1988 PEUGEOT 505 in toasty
This Automotive News article is a good expose of the damage and turmoil that Chrysler's new purchasing czar is wreaking on more North American parts suppliers.
1991 PEUGEOT 405 in Paterson, NJ
Consumer complaint concerning vehicle not being repaired correctly and replace parts that were not properly replaced. the clutch was replaced and have been taken back to the shop to adjust, tighten and replaced parts that weren't repla...
1986 PEUGEOT 505 in Chesapeake, VA
I bought 5 kelly ultra tech 175r14 tires from coker tires. 1317 chestnut street, chattanooga, tn. 37402. 5/28/2002 original order number 901887. i have had nothing but problems with these tires developing bulges on the treads. they replaced...
1989 PEUGEOT 405 in Paramount, CA
Both driver and passenger safety belts do not retract when pulled from housing. the consumer states that the seat belt's haven't been working since the purchase of the vehicle. the consumer has tried several times to have them repaired....
1997 PEUGEOT 405 in Buenos Aires- Argentina, AK
I was driving down route 60, province of catamarca (northwest of argentina) when suddenly my car lost control. it made a curve to the left, crossed trough the other side of the road and overturned over the shrubs beside the road. i was driv...
1989 PEUGEOT 405 in New Heaven, CT
Underhood fire broke out, totalling the vehicle. please provide further details.
1989 PEUGEOT 405 in Rochester, NH
I purchased this used vehicle from a private party in new jersey. when i filed the forms to get a new hampshire title, it was discovered that the vehicle had been salvaged (which explains why i had so many subsequent problems). do i have an...
1990 PEUGEOT 405 in Lyndhurst, OH
While putting the car in reverse the clutch pedal went to the floor and stayed there and could not be disengaged, went (50) feet in reverse before turning vehicle off with key.
1985 PEUGEOT 505 in Reading, MA
While parked, wiring under the hood ignited, resultin gin an electrical fire.
1989 PEUGEOT PEUGEOT in North Roya, OH
Engine compartment fire. (ohio state police report)
1989 PEUGEOT 405 in North Roya, OH
Engine fire.
1991 PEUGEOT 405 in Bothell, WA
Engine radiator failed.
1989 PEUGEOT 505 in Rutland, VT
Fuel tank has metal bracket that supports tank. at front rubber piece connects the two broke resulting in gas tank hitting ground while in motion.
1989 PEUGEOT 505 in Billerica, MA
Gas tank bolt rusted out, resulting in gas tank disconneted and fell down.
1988 PEUGEOT 505 in Loudon, TN
Intermittent stalling due to faulty wire to electronic control unit.
1982 PEUGEOT 505 in Platina, CA
Fan axle hub sheared off with fan falling off into other engine components, causing vehicle to lock up.
1990 PEUGEOT 405 in Memphis, TN
The brain box gets wet and causes a shortage in the wires and causes the car to stall.
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PEUGEOT Comments and Complaints ID: 1309 - Vehicle Safety Comments and Complaints Information for PEUGEOT

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