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KIA KIA in Las Vegas, NV
My 2016 Kia Soul had 8,000 miles on it when the engine caught fire a few minutes after my wife parked the car in the garage on a hot afternoon, in July 2017. I spent a year fighting with Kia for compensation but they denied the claim since ...
KIA KIA in boston mass
mt 2003 kia engine is racing when at a stop light or stop in heavy traffic what is wrong.
KIA KIA in boston mass
mt 2003 kia engine is racing when at a stop light or stop in heavy traffic what is wrong.
I found out it was the throttle position TP sensor
sometime my car will cut off for no reason I have a 2003 Kia Spectra I have to pump the gas to crank it back up. and rip up the motor. what could be the reason it doing that
KIA AMANTI in little rock Arkansas
My iginition switch wouldnt turn over and i have notice alot of complain about this why hasnt there been a recall ??
2001 KIA OPTIMA in indiana
Its under recall my car had same problem KIA fixed it.
at 35 to 44 miles per hour my van rumbles or shudders,,, do u think trans.. or axle prob.
2009 KIA AMANTI in river ridge, louisiana
My problem is basically the same with the excellarator and battery drained Kia says they don't know what the problem is and to change dealerships to find problem. Did Kia give you anything for this problem.
Sounds like flaky contacts inside your ignition switch. Have a 1999 Honda Civic that was doing same (shutting off anywhere without warning. Changed the ignition switch (just the electrical, not the key assembly)and haven't had a problem wit...
Front airbags are not supposed to go off on rear impact. That is not exclusive to Kia.
2002 KIA SPORTAGE in hanover twp pa
did you ever find the cause we just bought a 2992 with the same promblem took it to 2 garages and they can not find the promblem
KIA RIO in Barrie Ontario Canada
I was directed to research this.My Kia 2003 Kia caught fire today at the heater switch. My heater would not turn off. I notified my mechanic. Set up a day to have this fixed. But caught fire on me. Car is a right off. How do I request KIA t...
2011 KIA SPORTAGE in Curacao
I was filling gasoline tank. gasoline began to run from beneath of the car. the tank was full. everything appears normal with car. only a smell of gasoline. Maybe I put to many gasoline in thank?
KIA SEPHIA in goldsboro
Check alternator. My car had a bad alternator which caused the misfire in my engine. If your alternator is fine check the battery.
KIA SORENTO in Helendale, CA
2003 Kia Sorento air bags (all of them) deployed while driving 70 mph. Did not hit anything or run over anything on road.
KIA RIO CINCO in California
2004 Kia Rio Cinco with transmission problems. There is no acceleration when the gas pedal is used most of the time. This is a common problem in Kia's currently.
2003 KIA SPECTRA in greer sc
have someone look at the charcoal canister it is most likely filled with gas causing the orvr valve to stick and allowing unmetered gas to flow back throught the system causing your problems
KIA SORENTO in illinois
in 150 thous miles my 2004 has been great, just one sensor at 40 thous abd general maintenance,,,amazing
KIA SEPHIA in little rock, ar
I was driving and all the sudden the car started shaking and lost power. Checked the codes and got 303 misfire cylinder 3. I changed the plug, checked and I have plenty of fire, what do I need to check next ?
2008 KIA SPORTAGE in Trinidad
I am experiencing the same exact problems with my Kia Sportage 2008. I have already changed my fule pump on a car less than four years old. The panic attacks have started a week now. Always fearful of an accident.
1998 KIA SPORTAGE in Pittsbrugh, PA
Did this solve the loud noise when driving the car? My two guy friends say it's the fan. They are just more about Honda's, so I wasn't sure.
KIA SORENTO in cullman,AL
driving on interstate i lose all power as if in neutral no warning lght
KIA SPECTRA in Toledo, oh
I had a Kia Spectra(2004) and was in an accident on 3/19/2012. It was a 4 car pileup and my airbags never depolyed, my seatbelt broke, and I was laying in the backseat. Who can I report this to?
2003 KIA OPTIMA in Toledo Ohio
MY CAR DOES THE SAME THING!!!! When I lock my car in the winter, I am guaranteed to not get back in. I look like a fool trying to get into my own car. It's sad. When I lock my car and unlock it, when I pull the handle, it locks all the door...
2003 KIA SPECTRA in Cleves, Ohio
Our daughters 2003 spectra is doing the same thing. It will just stop running when driving it. Did you ever find out what the problem was Point Pleasant, NJ
KIA SPECTRA in indianapolis indiana
It caught on fire. Is this a problem with the Kia Spectra>
2002 KIA RIO in Fitchburg MA
Mt o7 Rio same situation. Front corner
1998 KIA SPORTAGE in Fairbanks, Alaska
1998 Kia Sportage. Garage smelled like it might explode if a spark occurred anywhere. Fuel tank leaking gas all over the fuel tank shield. Hard to determine exact point of origin because the shield is in the way. After checking online, I...
2003 spectra GSX will not start in park, must shift to huetral to start car WHAT IS THE PROBLEM
2003 KIA SORENTO in Lincoln, Nebraska
Contact your state attorney general. I did this (online) and now they are trying to help me...they are sending a letter to the Kia corporation.
KIA SORENTO in kingston,ontario
2006 Sorento The timing belt pulley bolt fell off. The end result was a destroyed engine. This was a known issue with other model years but not mine. My non Kia mechanic told me three days earlier that the belt was fine however Kia told ...
2004 KIA SORENTO in virginia
our 2007 sorento just started doing the same thing 65,000mi what did you do to correct it.
2006 KIA SPORTAGE in Guelph, ON, CA
Same thing happened to me. Warranty does not cover it. KIA dealership said that they have seen a lot of these cases. I feel that if they have seen a lot of these cases then it is a manufacturing defect. Putting the vehicle through a car was...
2006 KIA SORENTO in austin,tx
2002 KIA SEDONA in mississippi
this website has lots of electrical issues, i had them all. i by passed the electrical by running wires from the inside fuse box to the under hood fuse box. all lights etc. not the running circuits. my batery no longer goes dead. the fault ...
2003 KIA SORENTO in Texas
I purchased a 2003 Kia sorento and I have problems getting my car started. Sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn't. When it is hot outside the car doesn't start. I took it to the Kia dealership and they can not find anything wrong wit...
this morning I heard a horn going steady. went to check and found our kia sedona on fire.the fire department is investigating the cause.
qeMy kia is doing the same thing to me. I have not had my car for a year yet and I have spent almost 2000dollars on this car which I do not feel is right . Kia of Oldsaybrooke were suppose to fix the wining noise everytime I tirn the ac or ...
2002 KIA OPTIMA in floriDA
My Kia optima 2002 caught on fire today.. It has 17000 miles, what happen i was driving down the highway stop at the red light, i then notice smoke coming from the back of the car, i immediately open the door and notice smoke coming from th...
2006 KIA SORENTO in Georgia
Upper ball joint broke will driving causing front driver tire to almost fall completely off car. I have no idea what causes this but I have had trouble with drivers side noise after the repair was made. Kia 100000 mile warranty is a joke i...
2002 KIA SPORTAGE in leicester MA
my car is doing the same thing and per the mechanic I just went to the frame is rotted in the rear. This is the 5th Kia Sportage that I have heard with this problem
2002 KIA SPORTAGE in leicester MA
Just went to have my Kia checked as the car is like on the ocean moving side to side and the mechanic stated and showed me that the frame is all rusted out
There is a possibility your sorento may need a "resistance" harness installed to correct your blown headlamp problem.
You need to get your computer re-flashed. That's all.
2000 KIA SPORTAGE in St. Paul, MN
our sportage does the same thing, same year etc. The dealer said it had been updating the problem at least 3 times. Asked why not recalling, and no reply was given. Very common problem we were told. Kia won't even reply to our complaint....
2003 KIA SORENTO in Spotsylvania, VA
Better check your front drive shaft it might be going out my made the same type of noise and it was my front drive shaft.
2002 KIA SPORTAGE in toronto, ontario
I bought my '02 Sportage in Nov.08 - the check engine light has been on almost continuously since I got it home. My mechanic told me it was the fuel module on the gas tank and it would be $400 to repair because they need to take the tank d...
2005 KIA SPORTAGE in Tucson, AZ
I have the same problem with my 2005 Kia Sportage. Have taken it to dealer only to be charged 100 dollars fee for diagnosis. Only to find out nothing. They can not duplicate the problem. If I ever get it running good again it is gone!
2003 KIA SPECTRA in Washington
I think this has to do with the neutral park safety switch (the gear shifter for an AUTO Trans).
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