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I had the same vibration problem last winter. The Lexus dealership claimed that water was getting into the tire, freezing and causing the vibration. It happened 3 times in a fairly short period of time last winter. How does water getting...
3 Tire sidewall blowouts. Had 1 blowout so replaced tires with new ones and within 20 miles had a side wall blow out on a brand new tire. Replaced it and have had another sidewall blow out since then. Tires are absolute junk.
DUNLOP D401 in Houston, TX
Contact: crystal shaw, ford motor company, 5700 granite pkwy, ste 1000, plano, tx 75024-6640 her fax number: 972-334-1832 go to : i own 2006 ford f-150 lemon. the...
1974 DUNLOP DUNLOP in Bridgeport, CT
While checking the pressure on the tire i noticed a large bubble on the tread including a distinct wear mark different from the rest of the tire.
1997 DUNLOP GRAND TREK in Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Our suv started seriously skidding on the road surface while driving, check the tread and found inside and outside of tires edges bald, and center of tire also poor tread. so for the safety of myself and family i had all 4 tires replaced.
DUNLOP SP4000 in Woodbine, MD
I have a 2006 toyota sienna xle awd minivan which was seen 10/17/07 for tire replacement (dunlop 4000 dsst run flats). i have owned this care for 1 year and 2 weeks and have only 14,900 miles on it. recommended service has been done at ...
1974 DUNLOP DUNLOP in Cleveland, TN
I want to share a very disturbing, dangerous, aggravating and disgusting experience i have just recently had with a brand new dunlop elite 3 tire i purchased from honda of chattanooga, tennessee, on september 8, 2007 (invoice # 042179). ...
Tl contact owns a 2001 dodge neon. the vehicle has dunlop sp sport, size 19550r16 tires. while driving 25 mph, the passenger side rear tire blew out and the sidewall shredded. the tire was replaced with a spare. the dealer stated that t...
1997 DUNLOP GRAND TREK in Ashville, NC
Tl contact owns a 2006 toyota tacoma. the vehicle has dunlop grand trek tires, size p24575r16. while driving 60 mph, the contact heard a popping sound and the low tire pressure light illuminated. he pulled over and noticed a blow out on ...
DUNLOP P20575R15 in West Islip, NY
Tl contact owns a 1993 volvo 940. the vehicle has dunlop tires, size p205/60r15. the contact stated that the valve stems on three out of the four tires were bad and caused the tires to flatten. he stated that the tires had only been on t...
DUNLOP SPORT in Kathleen, GA
I have a dunlop d208 190/50 motorcycle tire where the carcass is separating through the tread. it is starting on both outside edge and working toward the center, pictures available.
I was traveling northbound on the 215 freeway at about 70 to 75 mph in the #1 lane when i heard noises i recognized from my past as tire tread coming lose from the tire it self. i immediately began to maneuver my vehicle to the right should...
DUNLOP D401 in San Francisco, CA
Tl contact owns a 2006 toyota highlander hybrid. the vehicle's correct tire information is goodyear integrity 101 s tires, size 225/65 r-17. while driving 65 mph, the tread separated from the rear driver side tire. the contact pulled ove...
1974 DUNLOP DUNLOP in Austin, TX
Tl contact owns a 2004 toyota sienna. while driving 70 mph, the passenger side rear tire blew out. the following day, the front driver side tire cracked. the road conditions were dry. there was no crash or property damage. the tires we...
DUNLOP SPORT in Attleboro, MA
2002 ford taurus se front drivers side spring snapped. this was recalled in 1999-2001 ford taurus's with the same problem but not the 2002. i have seen many complaints about this when i googled the problem. please help!! couldn't find for...
DUNLOP SP4000 in Round Hill, VA
All four tires on 2006 toyota sienna were rendered inoperable due to excessive wear on inside. vehicle only had approximately 15000 miles auto shop , hogan & sons, 540-338-7005, noted similar incident with 2007 toyota sienna with only 70...
DUNLOP SP4000 in Klamath Falls, OR
Premature tire wear with run-flat tires. tires replaced after 17,000 miles on the vehicle.
DUNLOP SP4000 in Framingham, MA
5 days after paying harr toyota of worcester 2000.00 for a 60,000 mile check up, brakes and my third set of run flat tires. i experienced a blow out on the highway which was caused by improper installation of the tire. this was noted by toy...
DUNLOP SP SPORT in San Clemente, CA
Tl contact owns a 2006 honda civic hybrid. while driving 60 mph, the contact heard road noise. the dealer stated that the rear tires were unevenly worn, but was unable to determine the cause of failure. the dealer advised the contact to ...
DUNLOP SP4000 in Lexington Park, MD
2006 toyota sienna w/run flat tires showed significant premature tire wear. all service maintained with toyota dealership and up to date. determined that at 19.400 miles the wear showed tire belt creating a safety hazard unknown to the dri...
DUNLOP SP SPORT in Greencastle, PA
3 sets of run flat tires replaced on 2004 toyota sienna in less than 36,000 miles due to out-of-round condition.
Tire failure: toyota tundra 2003 equipped with dunlop grand trek p265/70r16 tires: the tires developed 5" long cracks between the treads parallel with the treads on the wear surface. the tires were the original equipped tires on the veh...
DUNLOP D401 in Wellington, OH
I own a 2001 pt cruiser. i tried to have a flat tire fixed on this car, the tire service person informed me that the rim had a crack that was more then an inch long and they would not allow a new tire to be mounted on the rim. i had to get ...
DUNLOP SP4000 in Alpine, UT
The dunlop run flat tires on the 2006 sienna mini-van are horrible. at 10,000 miles they were wearing very fast. they are loud on the road, and ride very rough with vibration that can be felt in the steering wheel and the gas pedal. the t...
Concerning dunlop tire that lost its tread*
1974 DUNLOP DUNLOP in Orient, NY
Tl *- the contact owns a 2007 fj cruiser. the contact stated that there is a recall on the installation of dunlop tires. the contact currently has no tire damage, but wasconcerned that a bulge could develop at any time and create a pr...
DUNLOP 20570VR15 in Papillion, NE
Three tire failures due to sidewall blowouts. three out of four tires failed dunlop tires original equipment toyota response: too bad, not our problem. local dealer documented issue with tire rep.
1997 DUNLOP GRAND TREK in Houston, TX
Left rear tire tread separation on dunlop grand trek at 21265/70/r16 on toyota sequoia 2002, while traveling at 65 mph. i don't know exactly yet if the vehicle is total loss or if can be repaired because as consequence of tread separation ...
DUNLOP SP4000 in Potomac, MD
The tires on our 2005 toyota sienna minivan have failed twice: once in april 2006 and again in january 2007. both times the low tire pressure indicator did not work . we warned toyota the first time the sensor didn't work and they checked...
1997 DUNLOP GRAND TREK in Valhalla, NY
2004 touareg-excessive wear on all 4 tires, less than 20k miles.
1997 DUNLOP GRAND TREK in Patterson, CA
Our 05 toyota sequoia bought new with original tires(dunlop grand trek at20). almost right away noticed the tires wearing oddly on outside of all 4 tires. we purchased toyota's service plan & took it in as suggested every 5,000 miles. my wi...
4 new dunlop a/t radial rover p255/70r16 109s m+s dot pjcu 78hr tires bought from internet seller discount tire direct installed also by discount tire, hampton, georgia, shipped from arizona to discount tire in hampton, georgia, all had def...
1997 DUNLOP GRAND TREK in Alexandria, VA
1. flat tire, needed to get spare out from under vehicle. 2. brand new spare tire had never been taken down, new spare tire has branding marking on the sidewall of the tire, from the heat under the vehicle and where it is attached to has ...
DUNLOP DUN SP 60 in New City, NY
Dt*: the contact stated while driving 40 mph on the highway, the right rear run flat tire blew out without warning. there were no obvious road hazards seen. the vehicle was inspected by a dealer, who determined that all four run flat tire...
Oct. 22, 2006 dear dunlop tire representative: on the morning of sept. 10, as i was driving on interstate 10 to the jacksonville airport with my daughter, the dunlop tire on my car lost nearly its entire tread, damaging the car. besides ...
Dt*: the contact stated the tire threads separated from the rear passenger tire causing the vehicle to spin out of control at 55 mph, and almost caused an accident. the contact purchased the vehicle used and was unsure how old the tire was...
1973 DUNLOP DUNLOP in Peoria, AZ
Dt*: the contact stated the tire was very low and seemed to be flat. the vehicle was taken to a tire dealer who determined the valve needed to be replace and the tire was inflated. in july, one of the other tires were very low. the vehicle ...
Dt*: the contact stated while traveling 40 mph on dry flat road conditions, the front passenger run flat tire lost air. at the same time, a reduced tire pressure light illuminated on the dashboard. the contact pulled over, and upon visual...
DUNLOP SP4000 in Fayetteville, NC
A nail punctured the passenger front run-flat tire on our 2004 toyota sienna awd. tire pressure sensor did not illuminate. tire then unknowingly driven roughly 100 miles and subsequently had to be replaced due to uneven wear. vehicle was...
Dunlop tire failure - blowout.
Tire blew out on rt 95 near brunswick, ga. tires had approximately 10/32 tread and have never been run low. belt completely seperated and destryed fender flare.
DUNLOP SP SPORT in Crown Point, IN
The problem is a steering wheel shake that sets up a distracting vibration at speeds between 50-60 mph. the strength of the vibration is varied as the vibrations can be strong or weak and at times, even feel as if they are not there. the...
DUNLOP D401 in Longview, TX
Dt*: the contact stated there was a tread separation on the rear passenger side tire while driving at 70 mph. the vehicle was taken to a service dealer, where the dealer was unable to determine the cause of the separation, and the tire wa...
I purchased four new tires 08-02-05 from hogan and sons in virginia, 9580 main st fairfax, virginia (703) 323-1044. product goodyear, tires dunlop, product code 263-012-493-0. the first tire went completely flat with no signs of cause in...
1974 DUNLOP DUNLOP in Karnack, TX
Dt*: the contact stated a vibration was noticed while riding the motorcycle at various speeds. upon inspection, the rear tire had cracks in the tread and flaking occurred when the tire was handled. the dealer and tire manufacturer have b...
Consumer purchased new dunlop g/t tires. the next week one of the tires blewout.
DUNLOP SP4000 in Holley, NY
Major tire wear like the numerous other complaints. replaced without warranty at 23k miles. is there a minimum number of complaints necessary for investigation? these tires or the toyota sienna have a major problem! investigate it please be...
1997 DUNLOP GRAND TREK in Olivebridge, NY
Oem grandtrek tires are a disgrace. 1 side-wall tear, 1 internal shredding, and 3 blow outs within 15,000. replaced soon thereafter.
DUNLOP SP4000 in Colorado Springs, CO
I have run flat tires on my 2005 sienna (purchased october 2004). i also bought a set of winter tires & rims) in december 2004 and since then i am alternating them 6 months of the year. have currently 21,000 miles on my vehicle. the dunlop ...
DUNLOP SP4000 in Colorado Springs, CO
2005 sienna awd. had a flat tire for a couple of days but did not notice it (only drove in town, not interstate speeds). the warning light appeared but disappeared, and then it was intermittent (it looked like it would turn on only after so...
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