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2007 AUDI Q7
The first thing you should have learned when you were learning how to drive is to not drive with both feet, unless your left foot is operating the clutch, and only the clutch. Yes, hitting the brake and gas at the same time will cause the ...
2007 AUDI Q7
We're having the same problem with the audi Q7, '08 that we just got. Did not look at the stupid head rest. Having trouble installing forward facing britax marathon. What did you resolve to do? What came about from your complaint? Did you ...
2007 AUDI Q7 in Tomballs, TX
Tl contact owns a 2007 audi q7. the contact heard a rattling noise and the oil pressure light illuminated when he started the vehicle. the dealer stated that the valve that connects the oil pump to the engine failed. the vehicle was repa...
2007 AUDI Q7 in Frisco, TX
Tl contact owns a 2007 audi q7. she stated that her two-year-old child locked himself inside the vehicle using a lock button located in the rear seat. the child was locked in the vehicle for approximately 30 minutes in 95 degree weather....
2007 AUDI Q7 in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
In august of 2006 i signed a three year lease for the new audi q7, 4.2. right from the start, i encountered a potentially very dangerous problem. when coming to a stop and then trying to accelerate the vehicle failed to move. only by removi...
2007 AUDI Q7 in South Lyon, MI
In my previous job, i evaluated vehicles for an oem. we had an audi q7 suv in our fleet. i noted that the rear passenger windows (with an auto up feature) would allow a gap between the window glass and frame at a position where a child coul...
2007 AUDI Q7 in Town Ridge, NY
Tl* - the contact stated that he owns a 2007 audi q7. the head rests in his vehicle for the 2nd and 3rd row seats are unsafe for placing his britax booster seats. the contact stated that booster seats should be flushed, the vehicle head r...
2007 AUDI Q7 in Lincoln, MA
Note - this is a 2007 audi q7, which is not in nhtsa's system - they instructed me to list volkswagen. audi q7 rear seat (2nd row) head rests do not allow correct installation of child seats. the audi q7 has folding rear head rests that a...
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