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1998 ACURA SLX in Apex, NC
My 1998 acura slx, with 122,000 miles, requires a new engine. the car developed a loud slapping noise and was diagnosed by 2 mechanics as a broken piston skirt. i was told that this is a common issue with these cars - a result of a mismatc...
1996 ACURA SLX in Chicago, IL
Dt*: the contact stated there is brake fluid leakage and stopping distances were increased as a result. there is a nhtsa recall, # 97v092002, regarding the service brakes hoses and lines. the vehicle has the same problems as indicated in ...
1998 ACURA SLX in Reno, NV
In june of 2003, we took our 1998 acura slx w/45k miles on it into stevens creek isuzu dealership for a major service and to check out the "pinging/grinding" noise that we had been hearing for a long time. we were told they couldn't duplic...
1998 ACURA SLX in Antioch, CA
Consumer stated she heard knocking and a loud pinging noise coming from the engine. she then pulled over and her husband checked the vehicle and saw that the oil was empty although she had an oil change before the trip. all of the oil s...
1996 ACURA SLX in Dallas, TX
Front collision at 35-40 mph, neither airbag deployed, vehicle was totalled. no injuries.
1998 ACURA SLX in Seattle, WA
Throttle sucked to the ground and would not release when brakes applied, when emergency brake was extended.
1999 ACURA SLX in Seguin, TX
Tires were in good shape, complete seperation of tire wall without any warning. outside temp. approx . 53 degrees. (dot number: elmtcll239 tiresize: p245/70r16)
1998 ACURA SLX in Ocala, FL
Unable to steer straight line at 70 mph 95 degrees, wanders over road, okay when tires cold. ( dot number: cll417 tire size: p245/70r16 )
2000 ACURA SLX in Fairbanks, AK
The tire failure occurred at low speed on a city street. it split across the full width of the tire completely through the tread. i contacted my local subaru dealer who directed me to a see a local tire manufacturer who tried to convince me...
1996 ACURA SLX in Coral Gabl, FL
Vehicle's suspension is not very stable creating the possibility for roll over.
1995 ACURA SLX in Rockford, IL
Transmission jumped out of gear. this happened from first and fifth gear.
1998 ACURA SLX in Woodbridge, VA
The quick disconnect gas tank connection came loose on the highway. driver is unaware of leak until made aware of it by someone else.
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