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ACURA 3.0CL in texas
Good morning. Had the same problem. First u need to bleed the cooling system. This HAS to be done when engine is cold . Its not hard . Let me know if u want to know how to do it. Or u have a bad gauge. I changed my gauge . To an up graded o...
1996 ACURA 3.2TL in california
I have a 1996 acura tl i was over 100 miles from home and anti-theft engaged and car would not start called acura WOW their solution have it towed to dealer. it cost me to get it home thanks fresno acura for your help . they were no help ...
1997 ACURA 3.0CL in new york city
1997 ACURA 3.0CL in Florida
what is causing my 1997 Acura cl to not shift gears once is warm up
2002 ACURA MDX in Houston Texas
I too have had the same problems. Over the past 6 or 7 years, I have repeatedly taken my 2002 MDX to the Acura dealer and their sister Honda dealer. They have performed many unnecessary service items saying they could not replicate the pro...
ACURA 3.0CL in tx
my temperature guage is high while the engine is cool.what should be the problem?
2003 ACURA 3.2TL in california
i had the same problem and found that replacing the brake pads with semi-metalic pads instead if ceramic brake pads the rotors stopped warping
1992 ACURA VIGOR in irving tx
owner of 92 gs acura vigor Driver lower ball joint worn out and tire came off when parked.Replaced lower ball joint and arm and drove 2000 miles like a champ and passenger balljoint randomly fell off like last time.Also Loosing Coolant from...
1992 ACURA VIGOR in dallas tx
My 1992 vigor Gs has many issues due to the designers.No Such Overload in wire harness, all original.One owner and I always keep right fuse amps in correct possition. Dimmers lights went out. Cruse control went out --> replaced cruse contro...
1999 ACURA 3.2TL in ga
It says in the manual 2 use only honda premium fluid and if you cant get that use dextron temporary. if you continue 2 use dextron you will start to have shifting problems. buy the fluid at honda not acura. its $4 cheaper. I replaced mine a...
I hate to say this, but its your fault for not putting the parking break on. That's the proper way to park. You always should put it in gear and pull the brake. This way you can be 100% sure that the car is secured in place. I know its a bu...
1998 ACURA 2.5TL in toronto, canada
I find the horn system on the Acura 2.5 TL unsafe, because you have to find the small buttons to be able to use the horn, and one usually does not have time to that in an emergency situation. The horn should be more easily accessible.
1998 ACURA 2.5TL in toronto, canada
I find the horn system on the Acura 2.5 TL unsafe, because you have to find the small buttons to be able to use the horn, and one usually does not have time to that in an emergency situation. The horn should be more easily accessible.
1997 ACURA 3.0CL in las vegas, nv
Gas dont read
1997 ACURA 3.0CL in las vegas, nv
Gas dont read
1997 ACURA 3.0CL in las vegas, nv
Policy help with the gas gauge tired or running out
1997 ACURA 3.0CL in las vegas, nvz
My gas gauge doesnt read always stays in full, dont see nothing in da manuell
1986 ACURA LEGEND in cary nc
i need to inspect the timing belt because car will not start but will roll over. Auto part store has relay but can not tell me where it is located.
1999 ACURA 3.2TL in Houston, TX 77068
My 1999 Acura 3.2TL dies at various times. Can be at 70mph on the fwy or sitting at a stop sign. I put it in neutral and restart. I have removed the key and the key is very hot to the touch. Is this model on a recall list for the ignition s...
2003 ACURA RSX in louisiana
i have a 2003 acura rsx base model 5 speed automatic, only have 95000 miles on it and my transmission went out. going to cost 3000 dollars to replace it. these cars have a great reliable engine but the transmissions just dont last.
2000 ACURA 3.5RL
take a look at the pmg-f1 relay
1999 ACURA 3.2TL in ronkonkoma, n.y.
1999 acura 3.2cl stops while driving with no warning i cannot turn wheel. i can restart car with no problem but the same thing happens again.
2006 ACURA MDX in Peachtree City, GA
I have on two or three occasions had my MDX suddenly accelerate when my foot was just removed from the gas pedal. I bought this car used and have had it only 8 months.
2008 ACURA MDX in Ukraine
Dear Sirs, From time to time "Check ADS system" appears . What does it means, problems with shocks or problem with sensor. Best regards, Valery
2003 ACURA 3.2TL in Mechanicsburg, PA
My 2003 Acura TL-S needs a transmission at 68,000 miles. It is a known defect in these vehicles yet Acura has chosen to brush me off for the past 3 weeks. Finally, today they offered to repair it at an expense of $1650 to me. How is this fa...
1996 ACURA 3.5RL in Religh, NC
I'm having a similar problem. I was driving my car when I smelled smoke coming from under the dash board. I pulled over and shut off the engine. I looked but didn't see any sign of fire. I started it up again nothing happened. As I drove I ...
1999 ACURA 3.2TL in bahamas
am having the same problem with my acura tl 3.2
1992 ACURA VIGOR in austin tx
my 92 vigor when i turned into driveway with heater on the lights went dim and the horn quit working, cruise control and everything else electrical there no longer works which scares me wondering if its going to catch fire or something. i w...
1986 ACURA LEGEND in Belize
I would love to perchase a L200 Mish for at 3 thousand dollars whats the best deal that i can get on this Veh.
2002 ACURA 3.2TL in Toronto, Canada
There is no problems with the actual rotors. The problem is that they are crappy rotors. The car is too heavy for them. As soon as I got my 2002 3.2TL-S in 2005, I had the same issue and replace OEM rotors with simple Brambo blanks. Been dr...
2003 ACURA RSX in NY
I have the same problem with mine it will just start reving. Sometimes it does it after i have completely let go of the gas it will maintain the same rpm that it had when I was pushing the gas.
2000 ACURA 3.2TL in tx
recall on acura tl 99-03 (include type s) transmission problem. check with honda acura dealership to see if they'll replace it for free or cover 75% of it. I'm having the same problem, 00 tl with 114k miles. dealership wants to charge $4500...
1994 ACURA LEGEND in Texas
After driving a mile or two vehicle will not immediately restart just soft clinking sound. After a hour vehicle will restart multiple times with no problem.
1998 ACURA 3.0CL in florida
I just purchased a 98 Acura CL 3.0. The list of problems grows. First it was the ignition switch. The car shut off while driving, caused an accident. Second, the transmission does the slip, lock and jerk shift that it's famous for. Third, I...
2004 ACURA MDX in Nashville, TN
I just bought a 2004 MDX. The car shudders on acceleration of
2004 ACURA 3.2TL in San Juan Puerto Rico
I own an Acura TL year 2004. Today my car was victim of a fire caused by the power steering fluid coming from the faulty hose mentioned in the recall. The funny thing is that the incident happened five minutes after arriving to the Acura Se...
2000 ACURA 3.2TL in Oakhurst, CA
I have a 2000 3.2TL with 135,000 mile and the transmission is having a mind of it's own. jerking, not shifting, changing to other gears, etc. the check engine came on, then the TCS light came on, and finially the D5 indicator started flashi...
2008 ACURA TSX in Bristow, VA
Vehicle shut down in the middle of a 6-lane divided roadway. the check engine light was lit and the car would not restart. the dealership indicates that the computer or "pcm" failed. the part was backordered nationally. they tried remov...
2000 ACURA 2.5TL in Houston, TX
I tried to put my car in reverse after starting it one day to no avail. i placed a screw driver in the shift lock position as the owner's manual stated. i called the acura dealership and told them the problem. they didn't have a loaner c...
1999 ACURA 3.2TL in Edison, NJ
My vehicle habitually demonstrates the performance failures detailed in the nhtsa campaign id number # 04v176000. although the manufacturer indicated the recall is limited to the 2000-2004 models, the symptoms of the product failure on my ...
2001 ACURA 3.2TL in Heber Spring, AR
Tl contact owns a 2001 acura 3.2tl. while making a right turn at 5 mph, the front passenger side tire collapsed to the ground. the contact took the vehicle to a local mechanic and they stated that the lower ball joints collapsed. the dea...
2002 ACURA MDX in S. Jordan, UT
Tl contact owns a 2002 acura mdx. while driving approximately 35 mph, the vehicle would not properly switch gears and the rpms would increase to the next gear. the vehicle was taken to a dealer and they stated that it was included in nhts...
1997 ACURA RL in Plantation State, FL
Tl contact owns a 1997 acura rl. the contact heard a loud clicking noise coming from the wheels when the brake pedal was depressed. he took the vehicle to the dealer and they stated that the lower ball joints needed to be replaced. he di...
2008 ACURA RDX in Astoria, NY
Tl contact owns a 2008 honda accord (na). the contact heard a cracking sound coming from the rear passenger side of the vehicle. while driving at various speeds, he must hold the steering wheel tightly to prevent the vehicle from veering ...
2003 ACURA TL in Greer, SC
Brake light comes on and i was told by the dealer that it was caused by a sticky float in the master cylinder reservoir that had to be replaced with anew design that would eliminate the issue.
2002 ACURA MDX in Albuquerque, NM
Transmission came out of gear while driving. gear selector was not moved. dealer performed out of warranty replacement or transmission for the second time. first replacement was june 2007. previous complaints about the first replacement ...
1996 ACURA 3.5RL in Irmo, SC
Tl contact owns a 1996 acura 3.5rl. on october 22, 2007, the contact entered the vehicle and smelled smoke. she then heard a popping sound and noticed smoke coming from the dashboard. the odometer and speedometer lights were not illumina...
2000 ACURA 3.2TL in St Petersburg, FL
I took my car into one of the local acura dealerships because my car would downshift, and vibrate when driving. at the same time, i was informed that there was a recall on my model car for the transmission, (which i suspected the problem to...
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