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1978 MG MGB in charleston wv
who do we take our cars to replace these belts? Who should re complain to?
1978 MG MGB in Lafayette, CO
1978 mgb customer had questions about the seat belts customer stated that they had always been frustrated about the operation of the belts* the consumer came across a recall regarding the seat belts for his vehicle. recall #85v059000.
1979 MG MGB in Milton, WV
Dt*: the contact stated a nhtsa recall letter #85v059000 regarding seatbelts:front was printed off the internet. the contact never received a recall notice for this problem, and had problems having the recall work performed. the manufactu...
1979 MG MGB in Los Angeles, CA
Seat belts jams. was put on list for recall replacement by jaguar cars several years ago, then was told that rover was now incharge of all recalls. rover has not done anything yet regarding the seatbelt recall.
1978 MG MGB in Rancho Stana Mart, CA
Consumer complained that manufacturer has been putting off a safety recall on the seat belt retractors on both sides. land rover acknowledged safety defects, and promised to inform consumer in a few months. the few months have just added ...
1978 MG MIDGET in Apple Vall, CA
Seatbelts are defective and recall is not being honored.
1977 MG MG in Saint Augu, FL
Problems having seat belts repaired under recall. qcaw
1980 MG MGB in Leavenwort, KS
Seat belt retractor recalled.
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MG Comments and Complaints ID: 1102 - Vehicle Safety Comments and Complaints Information for MG

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