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1989 FORD EXP in Jackson, MS
Dt: the contact states there is nhtsa recall campaign 05v0170000 concerning the vehicle speed control deactivation switch. the parts needed to repair the vehicle are not available at the local dealership. he spoke to the manufacturer...
1994 FORD EXP in Springdale, AR
Well i was driving on the interstate doing the speed limit of 70 mph and all off a sudden the hood flew open and smashed in the windshield and the roof and ruined the hood along with it it pulled the bumper. no one had been in the engine co...
1994 FORD EXP in Hattiesburg, MS
Gas petal stuck when placed in reverse.
1994 FORD EXP in Paris, TN
On june 8, 2005 my husband, daughter and i were on vacation. we were driving down a one way, one lane road in gatlinburg, tennessee at about 10 miles an hour. the explorer made a strange noise and when my husband pulled over to the side of ...
FORD EXP in Hacienda Height, CA
Firestone, 30x950/r15lt dot# vd66t71 left front and right rear tires had tread separation. tire separation caused damage to vehicle requiring it to be towed. the vehicle began to shakeand vibrate while driving.
1994 FORD EXP in Miwuk, CA
Consumer's wife was driving when automobile died. she got out to call husband, and when she returned automobile was in flames. was told by firemen that it was an electrical fire.
1988 FORD EXP in Columbia C, IN
Consumer had ignition switch replaced under recall, however after the repair there were several failures that were not present prior to the repair. the power steering/headlights were inoperative, the battery was down and the inside lights w...
1988 FORD EXP in Fremont, CA
The brakes fail approximately every six to seven months, even after replacing pads, calipers, rotors, and a new master cylinder and metering valve.
1994 FORD EXP in Lansing, IL
Vehice vibrates at high speeds, anti-vibration kit installed.
1988 FORD EXP in Flint, MI
The vehicle was in the park position for over ten minutes the horn sounded off, and the vehicle caught on fire in the steering column area of the vehicle. consumer stated that recall work was corrected on vehicle due to the same problem. ...
1987 FORD EXP in Lincoln, NE
Engine failure.
1987 FORD EXP in Madison, TN
Ignition switch will shut off on its own and will turn on by itself.
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