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Engine and engine cooling

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2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Pearl, MS
2006 4.7 v8 jeep commander has had multiple problems, the most severe being 3 (out of 7) inoperable seatbelts and sporadic stalling of the vehicle. the first 8 - 10 times the vehicle stalled (went dead), i was at a stopped position attempti...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Helena, AL
When drive my 2006 jeep commander the engine has stalled while i was driving.
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Queen Creek, AZ
Tl*- the contact owns a 2006 jeep commander. while driving at 15 mph and approaching a stop sign the vehicle lost power. after attempting to accelerate and move forward the vehicle stalled intermittently. the failure mileage was 6,000....
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Birmingham, AL
Engine stalled in slow speed turn in middle of turn lane.
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Jamison, PA
Tl* - the contact called regarding a 2006 jeep commander, while driving 35 mph the vehicle lost power without any warnings. the vehicle restarted easily. the contact took the vehicle to daimlerchrysler dealer on 1/31/07 for a diagnosis...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in White Plains, MD
On several occasions, my 2006 jeep commander has completely shutdown when i am driving at very low speeds in traffic or when i come to stop at a light. the vehicle starts immediately again once it is put back into neutral or park but it ha...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Ashland, KY
2006 jeep commander stalls at low speeds. this includes pulling out into busy intersections and other traffic areas. the car just stops producing power and shuts off. it restarts just fine.
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in San Marcos, TX
Vehicle engine stalls while in operation, causing power assisted system failure (ie brakes and steering).
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Akron, NY
"06" jeep commander with under 5k miles will "shut down" while i am driving. it does not appear to be speed related. the lights will shut off as will the engine, power steering and power brakes, as well as all auxiliary equipment (radio a...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Baldwin, NY
2006 jeep commander 4.7 v8 stalled in traffic during normal usage. while slowing the commander for a stop the engine cut out and all power equipment was disabled. ie. power steering, power braking, etc... this happened twice and is very uns...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Lombard, IL
I was driving my 2006 jeep commander 4x4 4.7l during a thunderstorm and drove through about a foot to a foot and a half of water and wound up blowing my engine. other suvs in the area made it through the water with no problem but mine died...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Cincinnati, OH
Dt*: the contact stated while traveling 25 mph, the vehicle stalled, nearly causing an accident. the service dealer was contacted, but could not duplicate the problem to correct the issue.
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Langhorne, PA
Dt*: the contact stated while driving various speeds, the vehicle stalled intermittently without warning. it was maneuvered off the road and restarted immediately each time. the vehicle was driven to the dealer on several occasions, howev...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Portland, OR
Driving on highway traffic came to almost a complete stop and engine stalled. put vehicle in park keyed off then restarted. this is the second time the engine has stalled while driving. service department indicates nothing will be done i...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Estacada, OR
Was driving down the road going about 50 mph when the car just shut off!!!! took it in and the dealer couldn't find anything wrong we are taking it into the dealer tomorrow.
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Pittsburgh, PA
Dt*: the contact stated while driving various speeds, the vehicle stalled without warning on several occasions. it restarted immediately and was driven to the dealer on two separate occasions where the problem could not be duplicated.
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Westerlo, NY
While driving at highway speed (60 mph) the entire vehicle stalled out/shut down. we lost all power in the vehicle. we had to stop the vehicle in the middle of the road and re-start the ignition. this has happened 3 times in the 2 month...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Gresham, OR
1st occurrence of the stalling/dying: 7/23/06. vehicle was moving at a slow speed making a right hand turn. the vehicle lost power (no response when pushing on the gas pedal and the power steering also failed). driver had to put the vehicl...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Lawrenceville, GA
Jeep commander stalls at stop signs.
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Oxford, PA
On three occasions (july 22, aug. 2, august 14) my 2006 jeep commander has stalled while i was driving. these incidents all occurred while i was slowing to a stop. on two of the occasion i was slowing to a stop on an incline. when the incid...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Margate, FL
Brand new 2006 jeep commander 3 weeks old. i was getting off the express way on a curve and my vehicle shut off and steering locked up almost drove off the road with my wife and kids and this has happened 3 times already, its a risk to my ...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Haymarket, VA
I have purchased a 2006 jeep commander. it has 6000 miles on it. at 4200 miles it started stalling for no apparent reason. it has done it in stop and go traffic and has done it when i was traveling at 35 mph. other jeep commander owners...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Hartland, WI
Vehicle completely stalls and shuts down while matter what speed. it happened to me at 45 mph as well as 25 mph. when this happens there also is no steering.....almost got into a serious car accident due to this repeated prob...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Pineville, NC
Vehicle, jeep commander, 2006 traveling at 70 mph on interstate had an instantaneous total loss of power, engine shut down, all gauges went to zero, lost all electrical power, lost power steering control, and power brakes, vehicle veered t...
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