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2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Shelley, ID
Windshield in the 06 jeep commander is weak, and seems to be a target for rocks and bugs. i have owned the car for 3 months and have to replace the windshield due to extreme cracks from 2 separate rocks hitting it.
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Universal City, TX
I took my 2006 jeep commander to my local dealer where i originally purchased it to get the stalling problem fixed. five days later the service manager said that the problem was now solved (august 24,2007) finally. the service department sa...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Universal City, TX
Front windshield seems to be easily damaged. i initially thought it was just another pebble but when it happen again while i was driving down my neighborhood street i realized something was wrong. i think the problems i'm having with a whi...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Universal City, TX
Windshield isn't sealed properly which causes a loud whistling noise while driving. dealer could not fix problem. further more, the seal problem seems to make the windshield more sensitive to being damaged.
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Chesterfield, VA
I have a 2006 jeep commander that in my experience has a severe design flaw. the windshield will not and does not deflect even small road debris. the curve/angle of the glass is the issue. my windshield has been cracked multiple times in th...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Hartsel, CO
Front windshield cracks (2) in 1st 3,000 miles.
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Coprus Christi, TX
Tl contact owns a 2006 jeep commander. the windshield was repaired by a glass shop five times because of a chip in the glass. the windshield was also replaced once due to a crack. the vehicle was parked in a garage at the time of the fai...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Puyallup, WA
Windshield cracked from road stone. 2 windshields replaced in 3 weeks.
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Lakewood, WI
I have had our 2006 jeep commander for just over six months. while traveling on a paved surface, a rock, about the size of a quarter, was thrown up into my windshield causing a"bullseye" exactly in my line of sight. i believe that either th...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Valdosta, GA
Have 3 chips in windshield. seems the design is flawed and stones etc don't skip over like other models they hit straight on the glass and chip or break.
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Portland, OR
Windshield appears to crack easily. when the windshield was being replaced it defective body sealant/bonding was discovered. the dealership and the manufacturer were contacted, and said they would log the complaint. but they were unwilli...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Holbrook, NY
I just read an article in newspaper about the jeep commander's stalling problem. this has happened to me, but luckily, not at a high speed on the highway. the commander has only stalled once on me, actually, within the last week, while driv...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Sioux City, IA
We purchased a 2006 jeep commander in july of 2006. since we have owned it, we have had 2 rock chips, that we have had patched. since then, we have 4 different cracks that have all started below the windshield wipers, and all 4 cracks start...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Castle Rock, CO
When at or below freezing the windshield wipers will not make contact w/the windshield in certain areas. medved chrysler /jeep replaced the windshield wiper blades, which already was replaced with 3 different types prior to them, it d...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Aloha, OR
Windshield cracked by small pebbles driving under 45 mph. it has happened twice. the later was on 3/12/2006.
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