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Vehicle speed control

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Can you please tell me if this problem was ever resolved and how it was resolved. I am having the same exact problems and the dealership is telling me that they cant do anything because its not doing it while in the shop. im getting aggrava...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Big Bear Lake, CA
Tl contact owns a 2006 jeep commander. while driving 40 mph, the engine revved on its own and the vehicle accelerated to approximately 50-60 mph. the contact applied the brakes and turned off the engine. the contact shifted into park and...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in San Antonio, TX
Vehicle shut off. this always happened while slowing. it has normally been when slowing into a slight turn the speed dropped, and then trying to accelerate into the turn. once or twice when just coming to a start/stop. haven't taken i...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Rochester Hills, MI
Sudden acceleration - car wash. attendant entered vehicle at end of jax car wash in rochester hills, michigan. i personally observed event - when driver put vehicle in gear in suddenly violently accelerated. the quick reaction of the jax...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Frederick, MD
I purchased 2006 jeep commander dec '06. had continuous issues w/the performance -service dept can't fix the problem. approx three months after purchase, i was pulling off from a parking space -car cut off completely. i assumed that i ...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Gresham, OR
1st occurrence of the stalling/dying: 7/23/06. vehicle was moving at a slow speed making a right hand turn. the vehicle lost power (no response when pushing on the gas pedal and the power steering also failed). driver had to put the vehicl...
Dt*: the contact stated the vehicle stalled on three occasions. all incidents occurred during acceleration while traveling 35 mph. there were no warnings prior to the incidents and the vehicle had no problems restarting. the dealer could...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Coatesville, PA
Petition for the continuation of a defect investigation into unintended acceleration of the 2006 jeep commander vehicle, her mother was killed while operating her 2006 jeep commander.
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Coatesville, PA
On december 2, 2005, my mother was killed in an automobile accident in stanton, delaware. she was operating my 2006 jeep commander, and the incident was caused by unintended acceleration. the delaware state police contacted the office of ...
2006 JEEP COMMANDER in Salt Pointe, NY
Well ... ?you're never going to believe to this? about 20 minutes ago i was driving sheri and myself back home from an appointment and went to pull out of a tee junction-, rossway road and the road was wet, i dabbed the throttle and pull...
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