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2003 VOLKSWAGEN GTI in Massachusetts
Clutch went in mine too at less mileage, but finally convinced dealer to replace free of charge. The diaphragm on pressure plate failed which dealer claimed was a common wear and tear failure but the first I've experienced in 40 years of d...
2003 VOLKSWAGEN GTI in Escondido, CA
Entire clutch assembly.
2003 VOLKSWAGEN GTI in Dallas, TX
The clutch failed on my '03 vw gti after only 48,000 miles leading to an $1,800 repair. while the vehicle was still under the manufacturers warranty, the clutch is not covered.
2003 VOLKSWAGEN GTI in Stafford, VA
Just before 8,000 miles, the clutch of my 2003 vw gti slipped and went bad. as it was still under warrenty, the dealership replaced the clutch and flywheel at no cost to me. when asked why the failure of the clutch occured, i was told t...
2003 VOLKSWAGEN GTI in Sandy, UT
The clutch slowly started to slip when trying to move forward eventually the engine would rev at very high rpms with very little forward movement in the car. after much reading, this seems to be a very common problem. my car only had 26,000...
2003 VOLKSWAGEN GTI in Sunrise, FL
This is the second time my clutch assembly failed. first time at 4500 miles in december 2003. vw dealership replaced clutch. clutch assemply again became spongy and rpms increased to dangerous levels. volkswagen america refused to repair ...
2003 VOLKSWAGEN GTI in Oceanside, NY
2003 vr6 gti catastrophic clutch failure. everything was fine and then i completely lost all of the pressure. almost got myself killed. ii think it is the slave cylinder as i never had any problem with the clutch and this happened during...
2003 VOLKSWAGEN GTI in Aventura, FL
While driving at 70 mph rpm indicator began to fluctuate, and depressing the clutch felt spongy. vehicle was taken to the dealer for a check up. by the time the vehicle arrived at the dealership the clutch was not functioning properly. ...
2003 VOLKSWAGEN GTI in Annapolis, MD
My clutch failed at 14,000 miles. my ignition fails regularily, the ignition coil has been recalled and now i am having problems with my catalytic converter. i have owned vw's all of my life and traded in my last vw that had 170k on an or...
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