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Apparently not, as far as Chrysler is concerned. I had to cut my daughter out of her seat belt. It took 10 minutes with a screw diver to pry out the release button. If the car was on fire, I don't want to think of what the results would hav...
Seat belt latch on the drivers side is broken. Looking to replace. I thought seatbelt failures were a gov required free replacement?
2002 JEEP LIBERTY in North Branch, MN
Tl contact owns a 2002 jeep liberty. the driver and passenger side seat belts were cut close to the retractor. the dealer replaced both front seat belts. the cause of the failures was unknown. the failure mileage was 25,000 and current...
2002 JEEP LIBERTY in Hagerstown, MD
Tl contact owns a 2002 jeep liberty. the contact stated that the driver side seat belt buckle cannot be released when it is latched. he has to stick a key or a similar item in the buckle to release the seat belt. he contacted the dealer ...
2002 JEEP LIBERTY in Germantown, MD
Drivers seat belt buckle (female end) release remains retracted after release of the male end. the button either must be pried back up to latch the seat belt, or, after numerous tries, the seat belt buckle female end will secure in the mal...
2002 JEEP LIBERTY in St. Paul, MN
Driver side seat belt buckle (female end) permanently stuck in "open" position. small red plastic piece fell out when looking at it. can no longer get seat belt to lock. called several dealers and was told that regardless of whether vehi...
2002 JEEP LIBERTY in Longmont, CO
The driver's side front seat belt on my 2002 jeep liberty will no longer latch. there was no warning leading up to this failure. we have not yet been able to repair it.
2002 JEEP LIBERTY in Bloomington, IL
The seat belt latch on the drivers side is broken. the button sticks down and does not come back up after unlatching the seat belt. i am afraid this is going to cause the seat belt not to work if i have a crash.
2002 JEEP LIBERTY in Shelby Township, MI
Front drivers side seat belt, stuck with pushbutton down; will not lock.
2002 JEEP LIBERTY in Appleton, WI
2002 jeep liberty, 49,000 miles, divers seat belt latch stuck in open position and will not latch; a small plastic piece insdie the buckle has broken. the dealer (van dyn hoven, automotive) would not replace it at no charge, told me that ...
2002 JEEP LIBERTY in Stockbridge, GA
While traveling 45 mph and as a result of a frontal impact front seat belts did not lock in place, causing consumer to hit steering wheel with chest.
2002 JEEP LIBERTY in Hales Corners, WI
Jeep liberty rolled over three times, totaling the vehicle. the seat belts did not hold us back to the seat as designed to do. due to this, we had whiplash and a few scrapes. to date, we are still in chronic pain and need ongoing chiropr...
2002 JEEP LIBERTY in Leakque, TX
The vehicle accelerated foward and collided with another vehicle, also the seat belt failed to restrain the consumer properly and was subsequently injured.
2002 JEEP LIBERTY in Kalamazoo, MI
Seat belt and air bag failure during head-on collision.
2002 JEEP LIBERTY in Landenberg, PA
Failure of airbag to deploy and driver side seat belt to lock.
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