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2000 LEXUS RX300
I have a 2000 RX300 (since new). For the past 5 years, I have put a car seat on the right rear seat. It never had any issue till 2 weeks ago. However, during the past 2 weeks, the seat belt un-buckle itself twice. My son, who was sitting in...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in limerick pa
rx 300 lexus great car is transmssion worth getting fix for 6000
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Houston TX
Lexus 2001 RX300 excellent condition, with extended 100K warranty, always dealer serviced, transmission totally failed @ 85,000 miles. Warranty claim rejected due to time of ownership. Lexus offered nothing but a $5,500.00 repair bill. I ha...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Pensacola, FL
Failed transmission.
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Placentia, CA
Transmission failure.
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Worcester, MA
2000 lexus rx 300 awd: the tone ring on the right rear drive axle cracked causing a false reading to the anti-lock brake system, the cracked ring would not turn in conjunction with the axle causing the abs system to think that the affected ...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Napa, CA
My 2000 lexus rx300 with less than 72,000 original owner miles on it had sudden transmission failure. after exiting my driveway gate and stopping, i tried to accelerate but the car rolled backwards towards the gate (the end of the drive is...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Encinitas, CA
2000 lexus rx300 transmission failure failed at 79,780 miles and the replacement failed after 140 miles! the consumer stated engine revs okay but no power to wheels. the consumer stated had vehicle repaired at dealer and the dealer stated...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Alexandria, VA
Lexus rx-300 yr2000 (transmission problems).
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Burr Ridge, IL
2000 lexus rx 300 with back door lock problem customer states that this is a serious safety problem* the consumer stated she has a defect with the rear door of the vehicle it will not unlock with the key or remote control. the consumer sta...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Austin, TX
Car has 94,000 miles and has received all scheduled maintenance, including comprehensive 90k service two months ago. no impending problems were reported by dealer. car made clinging/hesitation when leaving stop sign 2-3 times. parked car an...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Bridgeport, CT
Fuel gauge indicator will read the wrong reading and cause vehicle to shut off while driving with no warning. dealer notified.the fuel gauge was standing at a quarter of a tank and suddenly when next time vehicle was started the indicator ...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Newark, DE
Bought 2000 lexus rx300. 85,000 miles. transmission is shot!
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Hampton Bays, NY
Transmission failure.
2000 LEXUS RX300 in San Jose, CA
Tl*- while driving on the road the transmission failed on a 2000 lexus rx300. the vehicle would not go into neutral the vehicle would accelerate at low speeds at 15 mph. the contact took the vehicle to dealer, and the dealer stated t...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Cleveland, SC
My 2000 lexus rx300 transmission has required replacement @ 90,000 miles. i have spent $3000.+ for repairs. i believe that recall would restore faith in the name of quality for lexus. be honest.
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Parkesburg, PA
Sitting in traffic and started to move when i noticed a feeling like i was on ice. a slight slip, then i moved. not even a half mile down the road and my car would not move. the engine revved but no movement at all! my transmission went out...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in San Jose, CA
Tl*- the contact stated that the transmission on a 2000 lexus rx 300 failed. while driving through an intersection the vehicle suddenly started to lose power and stalled. the contact was able to get the vehicle to the side of the road. w...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Micaville, NC
Failed transmission after 90,000 miles on a $50,000 lexus rx 300.
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Centennial, CO
Tl* - on 12-22-06 while driving on the highway at 70 mph transmission dropped to first gear and would not move out of first gear. the contact stated that the vehicle has been serviced at the dealership on schedule. the contact currently...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Liberty Township, OH
Purchased 2000 lexus rx300. serviced by dealer at all recommended times. one previous owner prior to me. at approximately 125,000 miles. engine light came on, diagnostic done. need new transmission. apparently this is a well known problem w...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Santa Monica, CA
Transmission failure.
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Santa Rosa, CA
Dt*: the contact stated while traveling 30 mph, on wet road conditions, vehicle control was lost. the vehicle began to veer to the right and the steering wheel and brakes failed. the vehicle stopped when it colliding with a parked vehicl...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Cameron Park, CA
After a few weeks of feeling occasional slippage in the drive train of my 2000 rx300 (118k miles), i had my local mechanic check it out. he drove tested it, checked all fluid levels, visually inspected the transmission, transfer case, u-jo...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Toddville, IA
Early failure of planetary gear set in lexus rx300 transmission failing in morning traffic in busy street.
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Duluth, GA
This is an lexus rx300 2000 edition; the problem has been an electrical problem. it started with an untraceable problem in which the rear tail brake light stopped working; later on, the two main head-lamps stopped working; fuses have been...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Arvada, CO
Mileage 75000 awd rx300 complete failure of transmission pump. loss of vehicle control and manuverability => dangerous car was 100% maintained by a lexus dealer web revealed many similar failures first time toyota tried to use a lifet...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Dearborn, MI
I took my lexus 2000 because it shimmied badly. the dealer could not loosen the nut because the whole cylinder disc assy was rusted so badly that they have to saw it off. the brake pad could not even move, they have to change the arm that ...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Sterling Heights, MI
Liftgate opens due to rust in ball stud attached to body. there is a possibility that the liftgate can fall off due to rsut in ball stud and hinge hardware for liftgate - 2000 lexus rx 300
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Brightwood, OR
Dt: vehicle was purchased used from a honda dealer in texas, banxten honda. vehicle was just out of the four year warrant., however, it had power train warranty left. consumer was driving in california when he made a right hand turn and t...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Austin, TX
While traveling on central expressway in dallas us75 going about 65 my lexus rx300 lost forward acceleration as cars zoomed past me, the engine was still on as i managed to safely exit onto the access road and into a parking lot. i turned t...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Scotts Valley, CA
I purchased a 2000 toyota suv. and subsequently had the vehicle go into sudden complete irreperable engine failure while driving on a busy road. it had been a "recall", or service bulletin that the item was a "gel" problem (or sludge) with...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Sarasota, FL
We purchased a 2000 lexus rx300 with a v-6 in april 2003 with 36,000 miles. we have recently found out that the engine had been rebuilt due to sludge problems at 31,000. we changed the oil every 5,000 - 7,500 miles. i have never had an ...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Cortlandt Manor, NY
After approximately 62,000 engine light illuminated. the oxygen sensor was replaced by my local repair shop. after the engine light came back on, and i reattempted to use my local shop 3 times i brought it to the dealer. the problem is t...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Rome, GA
Consumer lost consciousness briefly which resulted in accident. as a result the driver hit a road sigh which caused the windshield to break. the top of the drivers head hit the moon roof and shattered the glass. as a result thousands of ...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Pittsburgh, PA
Problems with unintended acceleration in 2000 lexus 300. within three month of the consumer taking delivery of the vehicle the consumer experienced three incidents of sudden acceleration. the vehicle was taken to the dealer but they were ...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Long Beach, CA
Rear suspension broken upon impact with road debris. the vehicle traveled at approximately 30 mph and wobbled. the rear control arms were replaced. the consumer has the old part in his possession. the consumer indicated that the control...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Owens Crossroads, AL
Engine failed due to sludging. i was unaware of the spa and had a used engine installed. lexus refuses to pay for the repair because i perform my own maintenance
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Colorado Springs, CO
Resolving oil sludge repair problem on used rx 300 with third party lexus dealer--car broke down on 1200 mile road trip. lexus paid for rental car for return trip. repair is under warranty. my problem is the dealer we purchased the car from...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Arlington, VA
While pulling into a parking slot in a parking garage, my car accelerated suddenly, crashing into the concrete wall. both air bags were deployed, filling car with smoke and leaving driver's arm with some kind of burn and scabbing. driver'...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Birmingham, MI
While pulling into a parking slot in a garage, my lexus rx300 suddenly accelerated and slammed into a concrete wall. both front seat passenger air bags were deployed.
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Dumont, NJ
Traveling 60 mph on merit pky connecticut, the fluid leaked out of a blown gasket in the transfer box to the rear wheel drive. the rear wheels locked up and car skidded 150 ft and spun. a miracle no cars or barriers were hit. mother suffere...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Vernon, CA
Air bags failed to inflate after vehicle was hit violently on the passenger side/front right quarter panel. vehicle rolled, still not inflating any air bags. driver suffered injury . seat belts were used.
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Angel Fire, NM
Vehicle overturned 3 times due to right front wheel breaking. dealer notified.
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Clearwater, FL
My wife noticed a check engine light on as she was driving to work. she called me on the cell phone and we took the car to lexus of clearwater. i recieved a phone call saying they had detected sludge in the engine and it would need to be fi...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in East Stroudsburg, PA
2000 lexas rx 300 car skided on ice and flipped over when trying to correst the skid
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Westchester, PA
Consumer states that brake warning light is on. dealer was contacted. mr
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Encino, CA
The vehicle experienced brake failure on 6 different occasions, and has been inspected 3 times, when the pedal is applied it engages and goes to the floor, after a few seconds the brake will re-engage. the dealer has been unable to correct...
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Orland Park, IL
Fuel gauge indicator will read the wrong reading and cause vehicle to shut off while driving with no warning. dealer notified. fuel gauge was standing at a quarter of a tank. consumer had no idea the fuel tank was empty.
2000 LEXUS RX300 in Long Beach, CA
Since i have had the car (2/2000) the driver's seat belt has intermittently loosened 4-6 inches during normal driving conditions as well as while braking. the seatbelt has been replaced 2x, but the problem persisted and the dealer was unab...
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