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2000 BUICK CENTURY in Harrisonville PA 17228
what is causing our pint to peel. We bought it used a year ago and it's beginning to peel. What can we do?DI
2000 BUICK CENTURY in Lakeville, MN
Tl contact owns a 2000 buick century. while driving 2-20 mph, the vehicle jerked extremely hard when shifting from one gear to another. the mechanic stated that the solenoid valve was defective. as of october 31, 2007, the dealer had not...
2000 BUICK CENTURY in Somerset, PA
Tl contact owns a 2000 buick century. the contact stated that the vehicle shifted extremely hard and the service engine light illuminated while driving between 20 and 60 mph. the dealer stated that a computer should diagnosis the vehicle....
2000 BUICK CENTURY in Tulsa, OK
Tl contact owns a 2000 buick century. the contact felt the midsection of her vehicle begin to shake while driving. the contact pulled over and shut off the vehicle. when she restarted it an hour later, the gears failed to shift. the con...
2000 BUICK CENTURY in Highspire, PA
Tl contact's mother owns a 2000 buick century. the contact stated that the transmission is failing when shifting from first to second gear. the vehicle also makes a thud sound while driving 35 mph. she took the vehicle to the dealer and ...
2000 BUICK CENTURY in Upper Darby, PA
2000 buick century transmission shifts very hard causing vehicle to lurch. intermittent problem. after checking online message boards found that this is a fairly common problem in 2000 buick models, and that gm has refused to address the is...
2000 BUICK CENTURY in Front Royal, VA
Tl*- the contact owns a 2000 buick century with a current mileage of 70,200 miles. the transmission was hesitating in first gear. a mechanic at midway service center looked at the vehicle on 4-13-07 and the code p1811 for transmission shi...
2000 BUICK CENTURY in Wheeling, WV
I own a 2000 buick century with an automatic transmission. it has been repaired three times and is starting to do the same thing it has done the other three times. it was repaired all three times at the gm dealer where i purchased it. each...
2000 BUICK CENTURY in Newbury Park, CA
This 2000 buick century was purchased in 2000. and from the start it began to have serious issues with the engine, and transmission. causing the engine to be completely rebuilt at on 10,000 miles. the transmission went out at 5.000 miles ...
2000 BUICK CENTURY in Unknown, DC
2000 buick century developed problems with the 4t65 automatic transmission.** answer required***. the consumer stated the transmission shifted very hard and made unusual sounds.
2000 BUICK CENTURY in Statesville, NC
Automatic transmission starts to whine and shifts irradically after warmup.have done some research and found that this is a common problem with this model's transmission.many complaints on websites.conyacted gm and they said it was to be ex...
2000 BUICK CENTURY in Manns Choice, PA
While drivingm, the transmission slipped as if it did not know what gear it should be in. took vehicle to the dealer, but problem was not resolved. there was also a jerking motion displayed when shifting the gears up and or down. the p/...
2000 BUICK CENTURY in West Branch, MI
Transmission jerks into gear when on the highway - seems to be especially prominent after using the overdrive; will stop if car is stopped, engine shut off for awhile, and then restarted.
2000 BUICK CENTURY in Henryetta, OK
When making a left hand turn transmission failed without warning. now when the gear selector was put into any gear the vehicle would not move. when the battery was disconnected then reconnected miles started moving on the vehicle althou...
2000 BUICK CENTURY in Tucson, AZ
Two hundred miles away from home i started having tansmission problems on my 2000 buick century, limited edition, with 33,000 miles on it. brought the car brand new and maintained it religiously. shifting was extremely harsh. did ok goin...
2000 BUICK CENTURY in Casselberry, FL
My 2000 century special has 38,497 miles on it. we had to spend $1718.42 to have the transmission rebuilt.
2000 BUICK CENTURY in Whitman, MA
Vehicle had a delay in acceleration when taking off from a stop. dealer replaced the pressure control solenoid that is located in the transmission.
2000 BUICK CENTURY in Mount Olive, NC
My buick has 90,000 miles on it. i had a problem with the car. the car was jumping into gear. the jumping started very very small in august 2002. today the jumping is very noticeable. after only driving it, they told me there was some int...
2000 BUICK CENTURY in Kansas City, MO
Transmission went out while consumer was driving, vehicle would no longer move., consumer had to slow down and pull over. consumer stated the vehicle was still runnning and just stopped in the middle of the street on an incline, therefore ...
2000 BUICK CENTURY in Chico, CA
When putting vehicle into park or shifting out of park vehicle makes a clicking noise as if doors are locking. dealer has seen vehicle, and said it was not a problem.
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