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2000 BMW K1200LT in Yorkville, IL
Final drive failure at 59k. Managed to find a happy spot around 50 mph to limp 110 miles back home riding 2-up. When will BMW support our losses due to their design flaw?
2000 BMW K1200LT in Topeka KS
I purchased a used 2000 LT with 8,500 miles on it. I change the rear drive oil every 3K because a BMW dealer said this model has rear drive "issues". Every oil change the plug magnet was coated with shiny pieces of metal. The thing finally...
2000 BMW K1200LT in Snellville, GA
I purchased my k1200lt last monday (24 july 2006) from a resident in ohio. drove the bike home to georgia. i felt a slight vibration over the last 100 miles or so. i thought it might be the road. t he next day i took the bike out, vibration...
2000 BMW K1200LT in Watersmeet, MI
First indication of failure was massive leaking of oil on rear wheel and tire, causing instability and reduced braking power. stopped at gas station and trailered bike to nearest bmw dealer. dealer's analysis: final (rear) drive failure....
2000 BMW K1200LT in New Hope, MN
Rear drive bearing failure twice now. 2000 bmw k1200lt reporting second incident below.
2000 BMW K1200LT in Holloman Afb, NM
Rear drive failed on 2000 bmw motorcycle. oil on rear brake and tire. temporary loss of control. due to rear wheel sliding and no rear breaking. rear drive bearing and seal were replaced. old parts and oil are available.
2000 BMW K1200LT in Hillsboro, OR
(1) we were in a very desolate section of southern idaho, with no cell phone service, when our rear drive failed on our motorcycle. we had been cruising at about 65-70 when we noticed that there was a very pronounced rhythmic sensation, n...
2000 BMW K1200LT in N. Charleston, SC
I discovered a broken ball pin in the gear shift linkage of my 2000 bmw k1200lt motorcycle which i had purchased used from the bmw of daytona dealership in florida. i had read on the forum that these linkages had been known for fa...
2000 BMW K1200LT in Cheswick, PA
I felt a vibration and then the i felt a wobble at the rear wheel the rear drive bearing on my 2000 bmw k1200lt motorcycle at 14500 miles the bike was disabled and had to be towed
2000 BMW K1200LT in Newton, KS
(1) no problems until approximately 20 miles from final failure began hearing a slightly different tone to the noise of the motorcycle. if you were not extremely familiar with the motorcycle you would not even notice it. noticed a slight ...
2000 BMW K1200LT in Plano, TX
(1) stopped for day of travelling (about 500 miles) (2) rear drive bearing failure, noticed rear bearing seal leak. had to be towed over 400 miles to nearest dealer for repair. rear drive bearing had failed. 5 balls from the 19 ball bea...
2000 BMW K1200LT in Mount Vernon, WA
I have a 2000 bmw k1200ltc motorcycle. while riding yesterday, a loud grinding noise was noticed and caused the rear of the bike to wobble. i immediately pulled over and inspected it. the rear drive unit has failed and could have resul...
2000 BMW K1200LT in Richardson, TX
Motorcycle's rear drive failed causing the seal to fail and causing fluid to leak onto the rear tire.
2000 BMW K1200LT in Houston, TX
The final drive bearing on my motorcycle shredded, resulting in a wobbling back wheel.
2000 BMW K1200LT in New Braunfels, TX
Failure of rear wheel bearing on bmw k1200lt motorcycle causing unsafe handling due to rear wheel not being supported
2000 BMW K1200LT in Bowling Green, OH
Rear differential failures on bmw k1200lt motorcycles. i had a rear drive seal fail causing excess oil on rear rim of motorcycle. the seals are failing due to internal bearing failures. i am very concerned of my safety on this motorcycl...
2000 BMW K1200LT in Woodridge, IL
The rear drive on my bmw k1200lt failed after only 18,200 miles of service. there have been many failures reported in the website and they asked me to report it here so as to get bmw to fix this serious problem.
2000 BMW K1200LT in El Cerrito, CA
Rear drive train failure on my bmw k1200lt motorcycle. bearngs disintegrated.
2000 BMW K1200LT in Inver Grove Heights, MN
2000 k1200lt bmw motorcycle. rear end seal and crown bearing failed. this is the second failure of the exact same parts on this motorcyle. the second one occurred after only 6,000 miles on the first replacement. 1st-29,000 miles; 2nd-35,...
2000 BMW K1200LT in Wentzville, MO
Rear drive failure of a bmw k1200lt motorcycle.
2000 BMW K1200LT in Jefferson, MD
2000 bmw k1200lt motorcycle - final drive bearing failed while riding - 15,697 miles - locked rear wheel at highway speed in rain. rider skill and experince averted potentially catastropic or fatal crash. rear wheel released when bearing ...
2000 BMW K1200LT in Charlotte, NC
Rear drive failure of bmw k1200lt. oil all over rear tire made unsafe driving condition.
2000 BMW K1200LT in Juneau, AK
The shift linkage on my 2000 bmw k1200ltc broke while i was riding the bike arouind town. i was in the process of upshifting from 3rd to 4th gear when the shift lever went totally limp. luckily i was near home and able to limp there in 3r...
2000 BMW K1200LT in Searcy, AR
Broken gear shift linkage while on interstate.
2000 BMW K1200LT in Garland, TX
Final drive failure on 2000 model bmw k1200lt motorcycle failed at 27,000 miles. apparent bearing failure. stopped riding when final drive noise became loud, probably from a bearing failure.
2000 BMW K1200LT in East Syracuse, NY
Rear end bearing worn out on my bmw k1200lt @ 38,632 miles
2000 BMW K1200LT in Wyandanch, NY
The valve stem had come out of the front wheel.
2000 BMW K1200LT in Moorestown, NJ
Rear drive failed at speed. if it had failed a few minutes earlier, a very serious crash would have happened.
2000 BMW K1200LT in St. Paul, MN
Known rear end failure problem with this model. manufacturer has not recalled.
2000 BMW K1200LT in Boise, ID
The final drive seal failed allowing final drive synthetic lubricant to drip down onto the rear brake caliper assembly. braking function was last. rear tire was coated with final drive lubricant potentially compormising rear tire traction...
2000 BMW K1200LT in Burlington, NC
Hello. i purchased my bmw motorcycle new on 5/3/00 from bmw-ducatic of charlotte, nc . the rear end differential completely failed while enroute to the dealership to have this problem diagnoised. the dealership repaired the differential wit...
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