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1998 PONTIAC SUNFIRE in Waterloo,ia
Hey that's the worst thing you could have is put stop leak or KB weld into your cooling system I'm guessing your leak started between 100,000-120,000 miles if so that's most likly you water pump I recommended you have your cooling system fl...
1998 PONTIAC SUNFIRE in Las Vegas, NV
Coolant had been leaking for over 3 months off and on. put in stop leak for a temp fix. however dexcool continued to eat away at my coolant system. car has overheated on many occasions. finally able to use jb weld to fix leak .
1998 PONTIAC SUNFIRE in Wrightcity, OK
The temperature guage flutters from time to time. then it will go all the way down to 0.when it starts to flutter again the engine seems to be racing. the tach. guage will bounce about 200-300 prm. i also noticed that when the car is in par...
1998 PONTIAC SUNFIRE in Schaumburg, IL
I've been having multiple problems with my 1998 pontiac sunfire gt. last month i had a fuel injector and water hose go bad and need replaced. the suction hose pump for the ac was leaking and had to be replaced within the past 3 weeks. in...
1998 PONTIAC SUNFIRE in Clarksville, TN
I think you have a problem when you have a 2 year old car seems to be falling apart from the inside out. i originally owned my car for 3 months when the temp. gauge zeroed out from a shorted out fuse. the next problem was odometer went b...
1998 PONTIAC SUNFIRE in Chapmanville, WV
When vehicle reached a normal temperature it caused hesitation. vehicle has been in dealer's shop on two occasions, and had the clutch replaced between 1500-2000 miles. however, problem has reoccurred. dealer wanted to replace the clutch...
1998 PONTIAC SUNFIRE in New Orleans, LA
The coolant light has continuously flashed for the past few days. the vehichle was returned to dealership in order to fix. the manual states that coolant should only be replaced at 155,000 miles or every 5 years. this is the third in...
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